The Chi-Town Champions Campaign Setting

When we created our Homebrew game: The Chi-Town Champions Campaign Setting, we determined that we would rotate who would be the Judge via round-robin. Each Judge would have up to 3 game sessions to complete their story arc with the same recurring characters.

We had 4 main players and one part-time player that, because of time constraints, could not play regularly, so he was not part of the round-robin. Once all judges completed a round, it would be considered a season, and a new season would start the cycle again.

Each judge would operate under the same caveats:

  1. To avoid any retcons of the previous Judge’s story, we removed the time travel power and all possibilities of time travel from the game. This gave the game a constant one directional flow of progression.
  2. We stuck as best we could to the Marvel Universe umbrella, so organizations like Hydra and AIM, as well as the Avengers were in the game. As well as alien races from the marvel universe. However, we could use persons from history and popular culture in the games and give them abilities and powers. Even the great, Bob Dylan himself, appeared as an NPC. Sometimes we used the likeness of a person, say a famous actor, as a Game Casting where the actor would be “playing the role”, like in the case of Hellhound I.
  3. The games would be based in Chi-Town, aka Chicago, IL, USA. Why? We just picked it on a map as a city where there were not many marvel heroes, since most marvel stories revolved around NYC. Now, since we are not from Chicago, we did some research and had a document with basic information on it, and we used Google Maps to set the scenes.
  4. Each player would roll up 3 random characters, and after they were completed then:
    • One would be selected as their main hero player character, and while they were a Judge the character would either not be in the episode, be it they were in another mission or something had happened to the character that they needed rescue or in the hospital recovering. Basically, while you were Judge, your character would be out of the picture.
    • The second character would be selected as a free agent to be used by all Judges as NPCs. These characters could be hero allies, neutral agents, anti-heroes or even villains.
    • The third character would become the selected hero character’s villainous nemesis to be used by the other Judges.
  5. To fill up the world with NPCs, we rolled up over 30 characters to be used as needed. Also, each Judge could create and bring in any NPC he wanted into the game, but we mostly kept to the ones we rolled up.

To describe the universe we were playing in we created The Endless Realms.

[Under Construction]


The Triskelion

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