Chi-Town Champions Villains

In the past ten years, the City of Chicago has seen a constant increase in meta-human activity. Various groups and organizations have been vying for territory within the city. These factions are as often in conflict with each other as they are with the Chi-Town Champions.

HYDRA: Chicago Cell

  • The Grandmaster (Deceased)
  • Simile (Deceased)
  • Mayor Richard Daley I (Deceased)

AIM: Chicago Cell

Project Perses

The Killer Four

The Killer Four

The Source

  • The Black Staff (Deceased)
  • Hellhound I (Deceased)
  • Hellhound II (Deceased)
  • Hellhound III (Deceased)
  • Hellhound IV (Deceased)
  • Kafka
  • The Hollow
  • Inspector Thunder Badger II (Deceased)
  • Mayor Richard Daley II (Deceased)
  • Solaria II (Deceased)
  • Terry Pratchett II (not the author) (Deceased)

The Nameless

  • The Unknown
  • El Chupacabras
  • Nameless Thrall


  • Master Wu (Deceased)
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