Ra’s Al Ghul

Fighting Incredible
Agility Incredible
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Incredible
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Incredible

Health 130
Karma 110
Resources Amazing
Popularity -10


Immortality: Whenever Ra’s is near death, he can extend his lifespan and renew his vitality through his immersion into the Lazarus Pit, a combination of secret chemicals that roil and bubble in a vat deep within al Ghul’s headquarters.


Should he engage in combat he will likely use a standard falchion.


Ra’s schemes are grand. Stopping one may have consequences that will set his plans back many years.
His madness originates in the unique power source which maintains his body’s appearance, The Lazarus Pit.


Leadership, Martial Arts A, B D and E, Weapon Specialist: Sword, Medicine, Weaponsmaster, Marksman, Engineering, Detective


League of Assassins, Secret Society of Super-Villains


No one knows exactly when he was born, but he does claim to have been alive for over 600 years. What is known is that Ras’ Al Ghul was a doctor in North Africa in the Middle Ages. His wife was killed when he offended the son of a Sultan. Ra’s was consenquently buried in a pit along with the man who’s life he saved from the Sultan’s son.

Ra’s al Ghul discovered the secrets of immortality within the Lazarus Pit. Using his immortality for gain, he became quite powerful in the world, with his own small, devoted cult.

As time passed and he realized that we are destroying the world, he has taken up a policy of environmental terrorism in order to safeguard the future. Ra’s has made his life’s goal to cleanse the world of it’s overburdening population in an attempt to save the ecosystem, this translates as a wholesale slaughter of 99% of the worlds population or just under about 6 billion people.

He will use whatever means and force necessary to achieve his twisted vision of a new Utopian society.

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