Steel: Aegis Entropy

John Henry Irons

Fighting Monstrous
Agility Incredible
Strength Shift-Y
Endurance Class 1000
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 1315
Karma 60
Resources Good
Popularity -5




Aegis Entropy Battle Armor: Made from Unearthly materials the armor has the following properties.:
Invulnerability: The armor offers Class 1000 resistance to Heat, Cold, Radiation, and Corrosives.
Body Armor: The armor provides Unearthly protection from physical and energy damage.
Energy Absorbtion: Circuitry may absorb up to an Unearthly amount of energy each round for 4 rounds. This energy is redirected to power system components.
Flight: The Aegis Entropy armor is capable of attaining Unearthly flight speed in an atmosphere. In space this speed increases to Class 3000.
Energy Blast: Unearthly energy damage to a single target or area with a 20 area range
Life Support: The Aegis Entropy is a self contained system providing fully functional life-support systems for underwater and in a vacuum enviroments. High-efficiency reprocessors result in total environmental independence for an unlimited period of time.
Battle Computer: This computer controls all the suits systems. The armors battle system is a learning computer. After being attacked the same way for 3 rounds, the armor raises the Wearers Initiative by 1 as it has the ability to predict combat maneuvers of monitored opponents.
Regeneration: The armor is capable of self repair of Excellent ability.
Hammer: Made from the same material as his armor, John can inflict Shift-Z damage. In addition the hammer can be thrown as far as 10 areas and is prgrammed to return the following round.
When not suited up John has the following abilities:

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent

Health 70


Engineering, Physics, Athletics, Marksmanship, Weapons Specialist: Hammer, Martial Arts C, Weapons Design, Leadership, Pilot




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