Book Resources

Core Rule Books

These are the main books needed to run an adventure!

Basic Campaign Book Download
Basic Battle Book Download
Revised Campaign Book Download
Revised Rule Book Download
Judges Screen Download
Players Handbook Download
Judges Handbook Download
Ultimate Powers Book Download
Weapons Locker Download
Realms of Magic Download

Game Modules

These are modules with :

Avengers Assembled Download
Fold-Up Figures Download
Pit of the Viper Download
Project Wideawake Download
New York, New York Download
Concrete Jungle Download
Secret Wars I Download
Secret Wars II Download
The Breeder Bombs Download
Time Trap Download
Murderworld Download
Lone Wolves Download
Cat’s Paw Download
Thunder Over Jotunheim Download
Last Resort Download
Fault Line Download
Gates Of What If Download
Children of the Atom Download
Avengers Coast to Coast Download
Fantastic Four Compendium Download
Cosmos Cubed Download
Ragnarok and Roll Download
Left Hand of Eternity Download
All This and World War II Download
The Weird Weird West Download
Revenge of Kang Download
Nightmares of Future Past Download
The X-Potential Download
Reap the Whirlwind Download
Flames of Doom Download
X-Terminate Download
Warlord of Baluur Download
Spore of Arthros Download
Stygian Knight Download
After Midnight Download
Night Moves Download
Night Life Download
Mutating Mutants Download

Gamer’s Handbooks Of The Marvel Universe

These handbooks provide character detail for characters in the Marvel Universe.

Abomination – Dreadnaught Download
Eel – Mad-Dog Download
Mad Thinker – Sentry Download
Serpent Society – Zzzax Download
1989 Character Updates Download
1990 Character Updates Download
1991 Character Updates Download
1992 Character Updates Download

CampaignBox Sets

These are some Campaign Box Sets with ready made adventures.

Deluxe City Campaign Set

Deluxe City Adventure Book Download
Deluxe City Sourcebook Download

Lands Of Doctor Doom Box Set

Deeds of Doom Download
Domains of Doom Download
Machines of Doom Download
Lands Of Doctor Doom Maps Download

Avengers Archives Box Set

Grandmaster Log Download
Watcher’s Chronicle Download
Avengers Archives Maps Download

Uncanny Xmen Box Set

Uncanny Xmen Adventure Book Download
Uncanny Xmen Campaign Book Download
Uncanny Xmen Roster Book Download

X-Forces Box Set

X-Forces Campaign Book Download
X-Forces The Watcher’s Chronicle Download

Webs Box Set

Webs The Grandmaster’s Log Download
Webs The Watcher’s Chronicle Download
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