Chi-Town Champions Heroes

In 2005, the evil organization known as HYDRA had completely infiltrated Stone Dynamics, a multi-national defense industry contractor based out of Chicago, Illinois. With the corporation’s resources, they planned to take over the city. They were going to turn Chicago into the staging area for their invasion of Earth. However, four heroes had made the city their home, and they were all that stood in the way of HYDRA’s plans. They came together to fight against the evil organization, thwarting their plans time and time again. These men formed a bond forged in battle and from that bond arose… The Chi-Town Champions!

Core Team

Crew of the Triskellion


Alpha Strike Force

Beta Strike Force

Support Personnel

  • Agent Alexander Quartermain (Deceased)
  • Security Chief M. Santiago (Deceased)
  • Terry Pratchett (Deceased)


Bob Dylan
Commissioner Rawlings
Gerald Moindrien (Deceased)
The Patriot
El Santo


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