Origin Galaxy: Milky Way
Homeworld/ Star System: Rigel III (destroyed)
Estimated Population: 9 million
Society: Technocratic Interstellar Empire
Technology Level: Advanced, especially in Robotics and planet-moving systems
Spaceflight Level: FTL, planet-moving tractor beams
Appearance: Oversized head and a yellowish skin tone
Average Height: 4′

  • Fighting: Typical
  • Agility: Typical
  • Strength: Typical (Remarkable)
  • Endurance: Remarkable
  • Reason: Incredible
  • Intuition: Typical
  • Psyche: Incredible
  • Health: 48
  • Karma: 52

Racial Powers:

  • Mind Thrust: As mind control of Amazing Rank
  • Density Increase: They can temporarily triple their mass and gain these effects:
    • Hyper-strength Remarkable
    • Invulnerability Remarkable

Representatives: Tana Nile, Grand Commisioner of Rigel
Attitude Toward EARTH: Hands off
Notes: The Colonizers of Rigel are a highly developed race who have created an empire spread across several galaxies. Although individuals are peaceful, the race is imperialistic and chauvinistic. They dislike living in close proximity each other and thus seek new worlds as personal dominions. Unfortunatley the Rigellians tend to ignore the fact that many of their newly chosen worlds are already inhabited. Colonizer Tana Nile once claimed Earth but her claim was contested by Thor. After Thor defeated Ego the Living Planet, the Grand Commissioner of Rigel voided her claim and, more importantly, exempted all humanoid-inhabited worlds from future Rigellian colonization. Using their advanced robotoic technology, the Rigellians created the Recorders to gather information and the Indestructibles to act as warriors.

Rigellians, also known as the Colonizers, are a technocratic empire. They have colonized countless planets in numerous galaxies. They possess psionic abilities which allow them to control others mentally or physically, most notably the Mind Thrust. They can also mentally change their physical density at the speed of thought which allows them to resist any physical forces. They thrive to build an empire via colonization.

More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/universe/Rigellians#ixzz1kZgtF9Be


The Indestructible

Fighting: Unearthly
Agility: Monstrous
Strength: Shift-X
Endurance: Shift-Z
Reason: Unearthly
Intuition: Unearthly
Psyche: Unearthly

Health: 825
Karma: N/A
Resources: N/A
Pop: -100
Initiative: +6

Known Powers:

  • Artificial Construct: The Indestructible is an artificial life-form, constructed by the Rigellians to defend their system from intruders. It is capable of travelling through space at faster-than-light speed, so as to reach problem spots almost immediately. Its body is so resilient that not even the power of Thor’s hammer could damage it. It also possessed superhuman strength, such that Thor claimed to be greater than any he had encountered before.
  • Hyper-Flight: Class 3000
  • True Invulnerability: Shift-Y
  • Life Support: Class 1000

Its fists are equipped with a disintigrator beam which can dissolve the hulls of spacecrafts, and a gamma-powered immobilizer beam.

  • Disintegration beam: Once every 3 turns it may fire a disintegration beam that affects a single target. The target must make a Red Endurance FEAT or die. If successful suffer Shift-Y damage. Range: 5 areas.
  • Immobilizer beam: Once every 3 turns it may fire a stunning beam that affects a single target. The target must make an Endurance FEAT or become unconscious for 1-10 rounds. Range: 5 areas.

The Asgardian Thor once turned its own immobilizer beam upon itself, and it was rendered inert by its effects. Thor V.1 #132 (September, 1966)

Talents: None

Contacts: None

Occupation: Servant of the Colonizers of Rigel

Affiliations: Rigellians

Enemies: Thor

History: When the Asgardian Thor invaded the Rigel star system, intending to destroy the Rigellians’ Space Lock, the Rigellians deployed the Indestructible to stop him. It boarded the Rigellian vessel Thor had conquered, blasting through the hull, and engaged him in battle.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta.

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