Dice App

MSHGamer Dice Roller

Description: A light weight classic marvel superheroes dice roller created by Ed!

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7,Windows XP . Not yet available for Mac.

Download: MSHG_DiceRoller_Ver.

How to Install: Extract the folder called “MSHG_DiceRoller_Ver.” that is in the .rar, I use 7zip. Then Run the setup.exe. The set up will create a link on your desktop and it should show up in your applications/progams list.

How to Uninstall: To uninstall just go to your Control Panel > Programs and Features and select it from the list, then click uninstall.

How it works: This app was created in visual basic and all it does is generate a random number from 1-100, just like rolls in the game. It will tell you the results and the roll.

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