Real Name – Ralston Meredith-Hawkings II

(Public ID)

Occupation – Crime fighter / Media celebrity / Up and coming Rock Star

Marital Status – Single

Citizenship – UK Citizen with no criminal record

Hair – Brown |  Eyes – Hazel  | Skin – Caucasian

Height – 6’ 3” |  Weight – 220lbs

Distinguishing Features – His eyes glow purple when Zenith is using any of his Electrical, Combustion or Ionisation powers.

Body Type – Breed Mutant (altered)

Fighting: Remarkable 26

Agility: Remarkable 26 

Strength:  Incredible 36

Endurance: Fantastic 56

Reason: Excellent 17

Intuition: Incredible 36

Psyche: Remarkable 27 



Karma Advancement Fund – 0

Known Powers

Electrical Generation – Spectacular (65) rank. Zenith can emit bolts of destructive electricity from his hands at an effective range of 20 areas. Zenith has trained extensively in this power and is able to generate the following types of electricity;

  • Static Electricity – This causes magnetic attraction between objects at Power rank strength and can be used to disrupt electronic communications.
  • Lightning – This is sheer destructive raw powered electricity and inflicts Power rank Energy damage to all targets.
  • AC Current – This can be used to power objects and devices that require an external alternating current electrical power source. It can also be used to overload such devices.
  • DC Current – This can be used to power objects and devices that require an external direct current electrical power source (normal found in batteries). It can also be used to overload such devices and short out devices that use AC current.

Ionisation – Fantastic (56) rank. Range is limited to touch only. By concentration, Zenith can alter the state of energy contained within a target, this causes the target to go through various states. After the initial round of ionisation, the target emits electricity, taking -1CS intensity damage from the initial Ionisation attack. The round after (i.e. the third round) the target takes -2CS Heat damage from the initial Ionisation attack. Zenith can chose to further increase the effects of his Ionisation, by causing it to act as the Disintegration power at -2CS rank, atomising the object that is being ionised. Zenith normally limits this to inorganic or non-living targets. The maximum amount of material that Zenith can ionise in one round is 400lbs, and he can affect all materials up to Fantastic Material Strength.

Combustion – Amazing (46) rank. Zenith can cause object to spontaneously combust by concentrating and accelerating the molecules within it. He has an effective range of 15 areas. When he uses this power, the spontaneous combustion occurs 1-10 rounds later. The flames last 11-20 rounds afterwards, and the total amount of damage is the Power rank intensity. The maximum sized area that Zenith can affect is 46 square feet, and is limited to line of sight range, meaning if Zenith cannot see the object, he cannot combust it.

Electrical Control – Amazing (46) rank. Within an 8 area range, Zenith can increase or decrease the intensity of any present Electricity, up to his Power rank. He has established the following Power Stunt;

    • On a Green FEAT (or greater if the electrical device contains self-intelligence, in which case it gains a Reason FEAT roll) he can remotely control any electrical powered device. He has used this power on various electronic devices, and has, in the past; caused a toaster to overload causing a distraction, turned off electronic digital security cameras, accessed encrypted data on a computer console and also used it to overload and open an electronic card reader lock.

Energy Absorption (Electricity) – Excellent (16) rank. Zenith is able to directly absorb electricity and use it to heal his Health. He can only heal up to his Power rank per turn he has a suitable supply. Zenith has been known to walk up to street lights and pull the HV cables out to use to heal himself during combat situations.

Body Resistance – Excellent (17) rank protection from all Physical and Energy attacks.

Resistance to Electricity – Shift X (127) rank protection from all electrical based attacks.

Hyper Speed – Remarkable (26) rank. Zenith is able to perform all standard tasks far more rapidly than others, and this power multiplies his speed by a factor of 26.

True Flight – Shift Z (416) rank. Zenith can fly at extremely high speeds and is able to reach speeds of up to 6000 MPH, 100 MPM or 500 Areas per round. Due to his Hyper Speed, he is able to accelerate to 78 areas per round until he reaches his top speed, of 500 areas. This has the side effect of causing miniature sonic booms, which doesn’t make him too popular when he does this in residential areas.

Regeneration – Good (8) rank. Zenith heals 8 times faster than normal. In game terms, Zenith can heal 2 points of Health every 3 rounds of rest.

Power Detection – Good (8) rank. Zenith is able to detect other living beings with metahuman abilities, within a 10 area range. He is unable to detect which abilities they possess or how strong they are, just where they are as a general location. He is able to identify sites involving the use of recently (1 hour) metahuman activity on a Yellow FEAT roll.

Telepathy – Excellent (16) rank. Zenith is now able to mentally communicate with others through thought, at a range of 64 areas (just over one mile).

Resistance vs. Mental attacks – Incredible (36) rank protection from all mental based and psionic attacks. This is a genetic inherited talent from his mutant father (Mandala) and has been further increased by exposure to the gene-gun.


Weapon Specialist – Templar’s Sword

Martial Arts A

Martial Arts B


Computer Programming

Heir to Fortune

Performer – Electric Guitar / Rock Singer

Resources: Incredible (36)


S.T.R.I.K.E. (Organisation)

UK Celebrity scene (Group / Society)

Dr Sarah Locke (Surgeon)

Wilfred Trentworth (Personal Assistant)

Blue Scarab (Hero)

Golden Rod (Hero)

Athena (Hero)

Miss Presto (Hero)

KnightWatch (Group)

Popularity: 22


Smart phone.

Electronic Tablet (W.I.L.F. – Remarkable Reason).

Ferrari LeFerrai – Modified high performance sports car, Seats 2.

Type Control Speed Body Protection

Road Excellent Amazing Typical Typical

Electric guitar (Fender Stratocaster, signed and used by Jimi Hendrix).

Unstable Molecule costume.

Templar’s Sword – (Amazing material) – 36 Edged Attack damage, 46 Blunt Attack
damage (flat of the blade), can be thrown up to 5 areas away for Thrown Edged

Character Notes


Due to his electrical based powers, Zenith must have air/oxygen present when he uses them to use it as a conductor. He is able to use these underwater as that is also conductive of his Electrical power, but at a reduced distance (but not reduction in damage) due to the natural effect of water dispersal effect (-2CS), this halves his effective range, giving him a reduced range of just 10 areas.

Also, because of his electrical based powers Zenith is also susceptible to Magnetic based attacks. As such, all Magnetic based attacks are +1CS in effect when used against him.

To be able to use his combustion power, Zenith must have air or oxygen present in the environment where he wishes to use it.


Where Abilities or Powers are HIGHLIGHTED IN RED, this is due to the hero’s genetic structure being altered by The Undertaker’s experimental Gene-Gun. It is not known at this stage whether these effects will be permanent or temporary.

Where areas have been HIGHLIGHTED IN PURPLE, this has been the result of actions undertaken in a campaign, encounter or adventure.

Character Roleplaying Notes

Zenith is a second generation mutant. Mandala (Father), and Zephyr (Mother). Ralston is the sole heir to the Meredith-Hawkings family trust fund. His parents were both members of a UK Government superhero team in the late 1960’s called Freedom Force Five. Both of his parents were killed whilst they were on a covert mission for the UK government. The U.K. Government strictly refuse to release this information but Ralston wants to find out what exactly happened on the mission and what happened to his parents. He has worked for S.T.R.I.K.E. since finishing his studies at Oxford University and uses S.T.R.I.K.E. data resources to personally investigate into his parent’s death during his spare time. Zenith can sometimes be considered to be very flippant or even annoying by his team members, due to his sarcasm and remarks. Ralston enjoys the high society lifestyle and celebrity scene, and is often seen out at a social event, partying on well into the early hours and becoming a paparazzi target. Ralston has a personal servant, Wilfred Trentworth, who usually tidies up after him when Ralston has collapsed in a heap following a heavy night out in one of the many Meredith- Hawkings mansions rooms.

Zenith has Golden Rod and Blue Scarab staying at Meredith-Hawkings mansions on a temporary basis, but has banned Blue Scarab from conducting any experiments there, as one of Blue Scarab’s such experiment misfired and took out several room, which Zenith had to then pay to get re-built.

Zenith’s ability to fly at supersonic speeds has got both him and his colleagues out of some serious situations on numerous occasions. He had to undertake several rescues of other team members (Network, Flux, Night Dragon and Smasher, now the hero Rigger) during the ‘Mutating Mutants’ mission, which ironically placed him in the line of fire from the Gene-Gun. When Network was fatally attacked by Croc King, Zenith was able to fly her to the nearest hospital so that she could undergo emergency surgery. Zenith has since made friends with the surgeon, Doctor Sarah Locke, and is currently dating her. He gets fun poked at him by The Golem and is referred to as “Super Brat” by The Golem and this nick name has been adopted by his fellow team members.

He was changed more than the other team members by the rays of the experimental Gene-Gun in the battles in London and Paris. This has been explained to him by the Science Division Team at S.T.R.I.K.E. as down to his inherent parental genes, and that his powers are still developing. S.T.R.I.K.E. Science Officer Meredith McCready has already taken a particular interest in this development and in Zenith’s altering genetic structure. Zenith has recently purchased a red Ferrari LeFerrai sports car and paid Hannibal DaSilva from S.T.R.I.K.E. to modify and ‘pimp it up’ for him. The Zonda-F has now become one of his more prized possessions, which is more of a vanity issue as he can travel through his flight at much higher speeds.

Zenith has revealed to Manhunter about his telepathic ability and Manhunter has decided to train him is refining them. Manhunter will often set up a mind link with Zenith in combat to allow them to communicate freely without the need for practical communication. He has saved Smasher (now known as Rigger) several times now, by use of his hyper speed and flight. He has flirted with her on numerous occasions and this is starting to cause confusion between them in regards to relationships. Zenith’s electrical blasts have proven to be devastating as well as useful in combat, and he has caused the destruction of several Sentinels, along with other non-living objects, especially in the ‘Dreamchild’ adventure in Norway. He defeated Steam Punk by ionising his battle armour whilst they were fighting over the North Sea, this caused Steam Punk to lose all internal power and plummet into the water. Steam Punk’s fate is, as yet, unknown.

In the ‘Valentine’s Day’ encounter with Manhunter and Miss Presto, they fought the sorcerer, Rasputin and his Para Demons, when Rasputin was attempting to steal The Black Heart of Shadow, a rare black sapphire, from the Museum of London. Zenith used his Ionisation Power to disintegrate Para Demon, making him realise how destructive his powers can be if not controlled. This made him break off his relationship with Doctor Sarah Locke, as he has a public identity, this could put her at danger from his enemies, especially powerful ones like Rasputin, although they still remain friends.

Zenith has recently learnt the electric guitar and is becoming a talented amateur rock singer. He brought an antique Fender Stratocaster electric guitar that was once owned and is signed by ‘Jimi Hendrix’. He has plans
to pursue this as a career “outside of battling metahumans and demons from Dimension Channel 5…” After his break up with Dr Sarah Locke, he was taken out on a ‘sympathy Valentine’s date’ by Miss Presto, where he discovered the fact she shares her body with the ghost spirit of her Grandfather. He found this both weird and intriguing. They are continuing to date other, this has caused some conflicts with fellow team member, Flux, both on and off missions. He and Miss Presto discovered Kapitan Kartoffel in a street in London after Kapitan Kartoffel saved residents from a burning building. Zenith helped him complete the rescue, had a drink with him and convinced Kapitan Kartoffel to join S.T.R.I.K.E.

He recently encountered Athena in London, during the ‘Demons of the Night’ encounter. During this, they encountered and were attacked by several Para Demons, who were actually trying to abduct a minor spell
caster (Felicia Middleton) for reasons currently unknown. Zenith, again, used his Ionisation power to disintegrate the Para Demons, as he regards them as ‘non-living evil entities’. They discovered The Ledger of Pharallax in her flat, and Zenith has taken it to S.T.R.I.K.E. for analysis. Athena confessed to Zenith that he still has feelings for him. Zenith told her to call him when she needed help, and brought her a latest smart phone with his phone number already programmed in to it. The Ledger of Pharallax is now in the care of S.T.R.I.K.E. in a secure, hidden vault.

During the ‘Call of Midnight’ encounter, Zenith was following up a lead on the origin of The Ledger of Pharallax, when he engaged the demon, Belasco and four Para Demons. Zenith took on the Para Demons, and blast one into ashes with his lightning electricity. Fighting Belasco, Zenith was badly beaten, and realised that he had not resistance against magical attacks from fighting the demon. He was saved from the fight by the interruption of Miss Presto and Howard the Duck, who came to his rescue. Then all three of them discovered what Belasco and the Para Demons were after. An ancient sacrificial dagger, known as the Tooth of Nightfall. This artefact is currently being researched by Miss Presto.

Zenith recently picked up Rigger (formerly known as Smasher) from the airport following her holiday to Chicago, in his Ferrari LeFerrai sports car. They learnt of an explosion at the nearby freight depot and went to help out. This was the ‘Depot Demolition’ encounter. When they got to the scene, they discovered Mr. Smash breaking into storage containers. His activities had caused a several gas cylinders to explode and both Zenith and Rigger fought Mr. Smash into submission. He didn’t reveal what he was looking for, or who he was working for, however Mr. Smash did say “It’s going to be a savage storm…”

Zenith teamed up with Flux and The Mighty Golem to investigate a power loss at a nuclear reactor on the Scottish coast, only to find that it was Atom Smasher, the Master of Molecules, draining the core to replenish his health and recharging his powers. The three of them fought Atom Smasher, taking the fight out and away from the reactor. The Mighty Golem slammed Atom Smasher into the side of a mountain in the Scottish Highlands and allowed Zenith and Flux to attack him with their energy blasts from a distance. Zenith performed his ‘Sonic Boom Run’ attack, by flying straight up into the air and then charging down at full acceleration to knock Atom Smasher unconscious and then the three heroes handed him over to the authorities
to be detained in ‘The Crypt’. This is a high security detainment facility designed by S.T.R.I.K.E. for the incarceration of super powered metahuman, located on a remote Scottish island. Zenith tried to clear the air with Flux, but she cut him off, telling him that she was dating Night Dragon.

He has learnt Martial Arts B from The Mighty Golem, as he decided that his hand to hand combat abilities could do with improving. Zenith has recently purchased and is developing a separate headquarters (The Watch Tower)
in an abandoned factory in the docklands in Greenwich, London. Blue Scarab and Golden Rod have left the Meredith-Hawkings mansion and they are now both permanent residents here. Zenith has recently purchased and
modified an electronic tablet which he refers to as ‘W.I.L.F.’ (Wi-Fi Interactive Life Form) that he now carries with him. Zenith has also since joined the group, KnightWatch.

Miss Presto teamed up with Zenith and Night Dragon to follow up clues that Night Dragon had discovered concerning document vault raids, that were always committed at just past midnight in the ‘Deadly is the Night’
encounter. The raids were the work of Obsidian, Dire Wolf and armed mercenaries. Miss Presto was able to use her illusionary spells to disguise Night Dragon and Zenith as the mercenaries and were able to take the
gang by surprise. Zenith has to use his ionisation on Obsidian when he had transformed into his mineral form and disintegrated Obsidian’s left arm. Night Dragon revealed to Zenith that he was only seeing Flux to get at him, and Zenith floored the detective gymnast with a right hook.

During a routine patrol with Miss Presto, the pair encountered Mojo’s enforcer, Spiral and a pack of Warwolves. Spiral was on Earth collecting candidates for a new gladiatorial contest back in her own dimension.
Zenith and Miss Presto engaged them in combat and forced them all back to return to her own dimension. Both Zenith and Miss Presto have the feeling that this is not the last that they have seen of Spiral, Mojo or the Warwolves.

KnightWatch helped out calm a city riot in ‘Lone Wolves’, where Zenith and the rest of the team discovered a chemical doping scheme that was putting illegal mutagenic chemical agents into the London sewers. Zenith and
the rest of KnightWatch tracked down the chemicals to a remote research facility that was a cover for genetic splicing and artificial humanoid creation. Zenith helped the KnightWatch discover and defeat the genetic
splicing experiments of Psi-Borg and Master Omega. He fought various other metahumans, including Cayman, Mulch and Dire Wolf. He also fought various other metahumans, including Croc King, Congo and Cheetah and
also met new unmeasured metahumans such as Stretch, V’Narr the Destroyer and the metahuman powered knight, Templar, whom Zenith bested in combat and took his long sword as a souvenir. It was during this
adventure that Zenith was exposed to the gene-gun mutagenic rays again. This further mutated his body and DNA structure and has given him the powers of combustion. He is under strict observation by S.T.R.I.K.E.
Science Officer Meredith McCready as she has some major concerns about his heightened and altered mutant DNA.

Catchphrase / Quote(s)

“What the cheese are you on about?

Suck my cheese!!!
I am going to knock the cheese out of you, pal..!!!
I think we are going to need a bigger cheese…”
“Well slap my cheese and call me Susan…”
“We have a date with destiny, and it looks like the cheap bitch has ordered the lobster…”

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