The Triskelion

Vehicle Name: The Triskelion
Total Cost: Monstrous 75 Resources
Type: Starship
Control: Amazing 50
Size & Body: Monstrous 75 (25,000 tons)
Crew Size: 3
Passenger Capacity: 10
Life Support Systems: Amazing 50
Protection Type: Reinforced Metallofullerene Alloys Monstrous 75 Material Strength
Propulsion Systems: Particle Impulse Engines FTL1 Shift X 150 Speeds, [1 Light Year per year with The Ravager’s Teleport]

Weapons Systems:

  • Cluster of 10 Missile Launchers:
  • Standard Missile: Damage 50 in 1 Area, Range: Incredible 40, Max. Payload 50
  • KE Submunition Missile: Damage 30 in 3 Areas, Scatter, Range: Monstrous 75, Max. Payload 25
  • Incendiary Missile: [Fire] Damage 40 in 1 Area, Range: Incredible 40, Max. Payload 25
  • 3 Twin-Linked Heavy Artillery: Damage 60 Area, Scatter, Range: Amazing 60, Max. Payload 25
  • 4  Plasma Cannons: [Energy] Damage 60, Chance to heat up 10%, Range: Amazing 60

Vehicle Defense Systems:

  • Autopilot System: Amazing 50
  • Damage Control Systems: Typical 8, With a successful Repair Feat can perform damage control as its movement action.
  • Sensor Jammer: Amazing 50
    • A sensor jammer interferes with radar and enemy sensor scans. It also confounds missile guidance systems. Intensity equals Sensor Jammer Rank.
    • Sensor Jammer Hit:
      • Red — Sensors Jammed -4CS to shooting weapons
      • Yellow — Sensors Jammed -2CS to shooting weapons
      • Green — Sensor Jamming Failed
      • White — Sensor Jamming Failed
    • Recuperating Sensors:(Targeted Vehicle)
      • Red — Sensors at normal
      • Yellow — Sensors return next turn
      • Green — Sensor Jamming Persists
      • White — Sensor Jamming Persists
  • Magnetic Field: The magnetic field is the first primitive energy shield. It uses vast amounts of power to surround the ship with potent lines of magnetic force. Treat as Force Field of Amazing 50 .
  • Radiation Shielding: Amazing 50
  • Hull Fortification: Amazing 50
  • 3 Repair Drones: Repair drones are Small spider like robots that rapidly deploy to damaged sections of a ship’s outer hull. They are programmed to repair damage quickly and efficiently. A ship with repair drones can perform damage control at rank Good 10. A ship without a damage control system cannot be fitted with repair drones.
  • Point-Defense System: Amazing 50; Number of Missile Targets 4.
    • Result:
      • White: Miss
      • Green: Miss
      • Yellow: Destroyed, but causes half damage to vehicle
      • Red: Destroyed, vehicle takes no damage


  • Class IV Sensor Array: This array includes hi-res video, electromagnetic sensors, multiband radar, spectroanalyzers, and mass detectors. (A mass detector locates objects via their gravitational signatures.)
    • As a move action, a Class IV sensor array can perform any one of the following functions with a successful Computer Use check Green:
      • Ascertain the location, size, subtype (fighter, destroyer, and so on), and mass of all visible ships on the battlefield.
      • Identify and ascertain the location of all visible hazards on the battlefield (such as asteroids and mines).
      • Identify all of the weapons on a specific ship (number and type of weapons present), including their organization as fire-linked weapons and batteries.
      • Ascertain the presence of any or all of the following systems on a specific ship: grapplers, magnetic field, particle field, point-defense system, tractor beam.
      • Identify a specific ship’s armor type.
      • Identify the type of engines a ship has.
      • Determine the number of life forms aboard a specific ship.
      • Analyze the chemical composition of a planet’s atmosphere (the ship must be orbiting the planet).
      • Analyze and chart the topography of a 1,000-square-mile area on a planet’s surface (the ship must be orbiting the planet).
      • Determine a planet’s prevailing meteorological conditions and weather patterns (the ship must be orbiting the planet).
  • Targeting SystemA computerized targeting system helps starship gunners aim weapons and track enemy ships. A targeting system provides an equipment bonus on attack rolls depending on the ship’s size:

Vehicle Comm Systems:

  • Mass Transceiver: This device can transmit instantaneously to any point in the same star system, with no “lag” due to FTL limitations. However, its range is limited to about 1,000 AU, so the signal can’t cross interstellar space.

Grappling Systems:

  • 6 Hydra Tentacle Robotic Arms: Grapplers consist of two or more robotic arms fitted with magnetic grips or pads capable of latching onto a single target, usually another ship. Grapplers can also be used to grab Small or larger objects adrift in space.If the check succeeds, the starship successfully latches onto the target, and the two ships continue to occupy the same space until the grapplers release their hold. The grappling ship cannot move as long as it wishes to remain latched and moves in concert with the grappled ship. Neither ship can attack the other as long as the grapplers maintain their hold.

Ship Areas/Living Quarters:

  • Small Barracks: Houses up to 14 people in bunk beds, head and food area.
  • Captain’s Quarters: Houses 1, individual head, office space/dining area.
  • Small Holding Cell: Holds up to 3 people, has stasis containment fields that negate all powers.
  • Small Cargo Hold: Holds up to 50 Tons of Cargo.
  • Bridge: Has Command Station, Weapons System and Defense Station, Navigation and Communications Station. the Command Station allows for both piloting and all other ship capabilities.
  • Laboratory: Contains a high tech laboratory.
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