Bob Dylan

Dylan wielding Lincoln's saber, the sword that won the civil war.

Identity: Robert Allen Zimmerman

Origin: Normal Human
  • Fighting: Good 10
  • Agility: Good 10
  • Strength: Typical 6
  • Endurance: Excellent 20
  • Reason: Good 10
  • Intuition: Remarkable 30
  • Psyche: Remarkable 30

Health: 46
Karma: 70
Resources: Remarkable 30
Popularity: 50
Initiative: +2

Powers: 1/1
  • Symphomancer, Rank Amazing 50. He can cast spells when playing music. Bob’s most commonly used spells are:

    • Song of Protection. Generates a Force Field vs all attacks at RM. Requires Green FEAT on Psyche
    • Tune of Tracking. Raises Intuition + 2CS, Requires Green Feat on Psyche
    • Healing Hymn. Full Health Restored. Requires Yellow FEAT on Psyche
    • Charming Ballad. Persuades targets within 2 Areas to relax and be mellow. Requires Red FEAT on Psyche
Talents: 6/46
  • Musician (+2 CS guitar playing)
  • Motorcycle
  • Latin
  • Occult
  • Marksman
  • Weapon Specialization Swords.
  • Boots of Spanish Leather: Raise agility + 2CS
  • Presley’s Clasp of Health: Awards 100 additional Health Points per day.
  • Lincoln’s Saber: Although this Civil War era saber only does 15 Points of Damage, it ignores ALL types of protection, regardless of Power Rank.
  • Zimmerman’s Coin Purse. A small pouch of near infinite storage space.


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