Hellhound I

The Original Hellhound "game casting": Sean Bean. As in all his movies, he didn't make it out alive.

Identity: Sean Bean
Origin: Demon
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Status: Deceased

  • Fighting: Excellent 20
  • Agility: Incredible 40
  • Strength: Excellent 20
  • Endurance: Excellent 20
  • Reason: Remarkable 30
  • Intuition: Remarkable 30
  • Psyche: Remarkable 30

Health: 100
Karma: 90
Resources: Excellent 16
Popularity: 0
Initiative: +3

Powers: 4/4
  • Shape Shifting, Rank: Excellent 20, Limitation: His transformations reveal the demonic nature of his powers.
    • Changes to Demon form. Has claws, tentacles and a spike tail (extra attacks, treat as edged and short range edge attack).
    • Has six eyes (providing Infravision and Magic Detection.)
    • Demon Skin (Body Armor, Rank: Excellent)
    • Tentacle Grapple: on a successful Fighting FEAT roll, a tentacle holds/lifts an object or opponent with Excellent strength. If two arms hit, the object or opponent is held/lifted with Remarkable strength. No more than two tentacles can be used for grappling. Furthermore, for each tentacle that is used for grappling, another tentacle must be used for leverage and/or support (unless the object or person grappled is very lightweight). It can hurl any person or object his tentacles have grappled, with Excellent strength if using one tentacle and Remarkable strength if using two tentacles.
  • Magnetic Manipulation, Rank: Remarkable 30.
  • Resistant to Fire and Heat, Rank: Incredible 40.
  • Teleport Self, Rank: Remarkable 30.
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