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M.O.D.O.K Fighting Poor Agility Feeble Strength Poor Endurance Excellent Reason Amazing Intuition Good Psyche Amazing Health 30 Karma 110 Resources Good Popularity 2 Powers Multitasking: Modok could use any two of his psionic powers at once. Force Field: Monstrous protection

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Proto-N.I.S. (deceased)

Identity: Proto-Neural Interface Servitor, Andrea Kirkman Origin:Sentient Cybernetic Entity Status: Deceased Stats: Fighting: Excellent 16 Agility: Incredible 36 Strength: Remarkable 26 Endurance: Amazing 46 Reason: Excellent 16 Intuition: Excellent 16 Psyche: Excellent 16 Health: 124 Karma: 48 Resources: Poor 3 Popularity: 0 Initiative: +1 Powers: 7/7 Energy Touch, Rank: Incredible 36, Limitation: The energy used for this

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