The current form of Andrea Kirkman

Proto-N.I.S. (deceased)

Identity: Proto-Neural Interface Servitor, Andrea Kirkman

The current form of Andrea Kirkman

Proto-N.I.S. is seen here with in its standard configuration.

Origin:Sentient Cybernetic Entity
Status: Deceased
  • Fighting: Excellent 16
  • Agility: Incredible 36
  • Strength: Remarkable 26
  • Endurance: Amazing 46
  • Reason: Excellent 16
  • Intuition: Excellent 16
  • Psyche: Excellent 16

Health: 124
Karma: 48
Resources: Poor 3
Popularity: 0
Initiative: +1

Powers: 7/7
  • Energy Touch, Rank: Incredible 36, Limitation: The energy used for this power comes from the proton arc flux reactor that functions as PROTONIS’s main energy source.
  • Resist Radiation, Rank: Remarkable 26
  • Resist Toxins, Rank: Remarkable 26
  • Resist Disease, Rank: Remarkable 26
  • Life Support, Rank: Remarkable 26
  • Body Armor, Rank: Remarkable 26
  • Image Generation*, Rank: Remarkable 26, Limitation: Does not work when water hits it. Stunts: Camouflage:This powerstunt is used to project the image behind the armor on its surface creating a camouflage effect. Use as Camouflage Power.
Talents: 3/4 
  • Marksman
  • Repair/Tinker
  • Computers


  • Missile Weapon System: PROTONIS was created with retractable projectiles missile turrets on its arms. Damage: 20 per missile Explosive Area Damage
  • Flight Boosters: PROTONIS was created with rocket boosters that provide with Ex 16 Flight.
  • External Energy Long Rifle: Protonis was created with this external add-on. The rifle itself is charged with the Energy Touch power, providing long distance attacks at Incredible Range.


PROTO-N.I.S. was created by James and Andrea Kirkman. The couple had been abducted by AIM because of their achievements in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. They spent four years as prisoners of the evil organization and were forced to produce a prototype that would eventually replace the Dreadnought line of robots that has been used by HYDRA for the past thirty years. Andrea was successful in developing the hardware and her prototype exceeded all the expectations of her captors. James, however, was struggling to perfect his A.I. Fearing for their continued survival, James replicated his wife’s neural pathways and managed to build a fully autonomous artificial intelligence. The night before the trial run of the robot, TheAIM agents took his wife away and told him that she was to be executed. That very night a SHIELD strike team attacked the AIM base of operations, in the ensuing battle James was mortally wounded. With his dying breath he managed to activate the PROTO-N.I.S. prototype which turned on the AIM personnel and helped save the SHIELD agents. The cybernetic entity had all the memories and experiences of Andrea Kirkman. SHIELD agent Sara Young brought PROTO-N.I.S. to SHIELD where it has been in psychiatric treatment to help it cope with what the Andrea Kirkman imprint believes to be her new form. PROTO-N.I.S., who prefers to be called Agent Kirkman, has also received advanced combat training and has proven to be a highly effective operative for the covert organization and has been active in the field for the past two years.
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