Former Regent of the Dark Dimension

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Amazing
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Incredible
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Monstrous

Health 200
Karma 155
Resources Typical
Popularity 0


Longevity: As a Faltinian Umar has not aged since reaching maturity.
Enviromental Resistance: Umar can resist enviromental hazzards that would normally kill. For example she has survived the intense heat and pressure at the center of the Earth

Magic: Master Level Sorceress

Counterspell: Amazing
Telepathy: Unearthly
Other Personal Spells: Amazing
Eldritch Attacks-All: Amazing
Growth: Unearthly
Illusions: Amazing
Dimensional Aperture: Umar can travel to the Earth dimension only on Halloween
Matter Rearrangement: Amazing
Nature Control-All: Amazing
Shrinking: Amazing
Interdimensional Teleportation: Umar can travel her own dimension and even tranfer to other dimensions and time periods. This will result in her Psyche dropping -2CS and power ranks for 24 hours.
Other Universal Spells: Amazing
Umar casts all dimensional spells at Amazing rank. She does not have any ‘Good’ entreaty spells.


Mystic Background, Occult Lore




Umar and Dormammu are siblings and sorcerors of great power in the dimension of Faltine. For reasons that remain unrevealed, they were banished from their native dimension (perhaps due to their murder of their own father) and eventually found their way into the Dark Dimension, which was ruled by a wizard-king named Olnar. With all three of thier magics, they managed to break many dimensional barriers to expand the domains of the Dark Dimension. One such expansion brought the Mindless Ones into their dimension, creatures that began a rampage of destruction and even killed Olnar. Eventually, Umar and Dormammu were able to imprison the Mindless Ones and win the favor of the other wizard-natives of the dimension.

Dormammu was selected to be the ruler of the Dark Dimension, but he segregated Umar as much as possible, fearing her ambitions. Eventually, Umar met Olnar’s son, Orini, and they had a daughter although Umar gave Clea to Orini to raise, never showing any affection to her daughter at all. Eventually, Dormammu grew so suspicious that he imprisioned Umar in a pocket universe. When Dormammu was defeated by Eternity, his spell over Umar was broken, and she soon took over the throne of the Dark Dimension, coming into conflict at times with Dr. Strange.

Eventually, Umar’s claim to the throne was challenged by rebels led by Clea. During their ultimate battle, Umar drew power from the barrier which imprioned the Mindless Ones, releasing them. Dr. Strange and the native wizards (called the Outcasts) combined their magics to re-imprision the Mindless Ones. Clea eventually triumphed over her mother, claiming regency over the dimension. Strange and Clea sent Umar (and Orini) into stasis and cast them into a distant dimension.

Eventually, she returned with Dr. Strange’s enemy, Baron Mordo, taking control of the Dark Dimension, and Umar exiled Dormammu to the realm of the Mindless Ones, although he later escaped. Umar’s subsequent activities are unknown.

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