Titanium Man

Titanium Man
Boris Bullski

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Amazing
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 185
Karma 40
Resources Good
Popularity -30




Titanium Armor : All of Comrade Bullski’s powers derive from the titanium/titanium steel armor he wears.
Body Armor: The armor provides Incredible protection from physical attacks, and Monstrous protection from energy attacks.
Resistances: The armor has Monstrous Resistance to Heat, Cold, and Radiation.
Flight: All-titanium jet engines in the suit’s boots allow Titanium Man to fly at Monstrous speed. If used as weapons, these boot-jets inflict Remarkable force damage.
Cloaking Device: Creates an Illusion (of invisibility) of Amazing Intensity over the wearer of the armor. May be used as an ECM as well against radar devices.
Weapons Systems: The Titanium Man armor is equiped with systems, including:
Gauntlet-Blasters of Amazing Force damage at a range of 10 areas.
Helmet-mounted heat beam, inflicting Incredible Heat (Energy) damage at a range of 5 areas.
Gauntlet-mounted tractor beam, allowing the wearer to exert Incredible Strength at a range of 5 areas.
Radar Rings of coild metal fired at a range of 5 areas which, if they hit, Grapple the opponent with Remarkable Strength.


Bureaucracy, Detective/Espionage


After a lengthy period of exile, Titanium Man has renewed ties with a faction in the Soviet government which may provide him with Amazing resources


Bullski was a high-level Party official, whose meteoritic rise threatened the ruling burocrats ; he was thus sent to an administrative post in an obscure Siberian hole in the ground. While he was exiled and bitter, he was also lucky : several top-level Soviet scientists were interned in the work camp he was ruling. His plan was to build a powerful armor and to crush the American champion, Iron Man, so as to prove the superiority of USSR. His scientists managed to mostly duplicate Iron Man’s armor, but the lack of microcomponents in the camp made the armor a huge one.

The Titanium Man was defeated three times by Iron Man (he underwent biological size augmentation from Half Face after the first defeat to better control his armor, but to no avail), and Bullski had to flee to Vietnam for a long time. He then launched a daring plan, going to the US to extract a Soviet defector, who had perfected the “credit card armor” technology which Bullski currently uses. He also launched a secondary plan to sabotage the funds at the Fed, manipulating a group of ex-U.S. Army vets and giving then light powered armor. His plans were foiled by Beta Ray Bill, and Bullski was believed dead. Later, the Crimson Dynamo was dispatched to the US and managed to save the Titanium Man, minus parts of his left leg ; the US vets were seemingly killed in the process. Bullski was irrational for a time, but quickly recovered.

He has now joined the Remont 4 project, a right-wing conspiracy headed by Valentin Shatalov, with the goal of restoring the former Soviet empire.

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