Charles Victor Szasz

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 110
Karma 50
Resources Good
Popularity 0




Mask:Using a binary gas, a combination of two chemicals that form an adhesive and is virtually unremovable without the proper chemical, the mask adheres to his flesh with Incredible strength bonding. The mask itself is made from Poor material strength.
Gas Pellets: Stored within his belt buckle, it interact’s with chemicals in his hair and clothing to change his appearance. This provides Amazing rank shapechanging limited to altering his hair and clothes. These pellets may also be used to impair vision by -4CS.


Acrobatics, Detective, Martial Arts-All, Marksman, Edged Weapons, Blunt Weapons, Politics, Journalism


Batman, Green Arrow, Lady Shiva


Charles Victor Szasz, doesn’t know who he is. He was left on the steps of an orphanage. Szasz is plagued by the very basic question ‘Who am I? What is a human being? What are we doing here?

After being reared in an orphanange, Szasz received a scholarship to a major university where he was a bit of a loner. He was always challenging teachers, always trying to prove that he was smarter than they were and this eventually led to his expulsion.

Szasz followed his college dismissal by securing employment at a local television station, where he rose very rapidly. Once Sage got into the news business, he made a lot of enemies along the way, because he is abrasive and self-righteous.

Szasz’s inquisitive nature eventually led him to adopt the Question guise, which consisted of a faceless mask, a plain business suit and a hat.

When a tape acquired by The Question was aired by Szasz, Mayer Wesley Fermin and his men swore to kill Szasz. Fermin hired Lady Shiva and she battered The Question to near senselessness. Fermin then had him shot and tossed off of a pier into freezing water.

Szasz awakened in the home of Aristotle Rodor, having been saved from drowning by Shiva. He was then taken to a mountain retreat where he was trained by a crippled martial artist named Richard Dragon. When his training was complete, he returned to Hub City to take care of Fermin and his crew utilizing a new mask and color-changing gas created by his friend Aristotle Rodor.

The Question remains a combatant against Hub City’s political corruption. His lonely battle is a long one with no guarantee of success.

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