Fighting Incredible
Agility Incredible
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Incredible
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Remarkable

Health 130
Karma 100
Resources Incredible
Popularity -15




Cosmic Key: Remarkable material strength
Dimension Travel: Incredible
Disintegration: Incredible

Only works between Earth and “Ghost Zone”. The “Ghost Zone” is similar in characteristics to Limbo
Helmet: Made from Excellent material strength, Prometheus uses his helmet to load his knowledge CDs directly into his brain. This serves to rewire his brain and nervous system to match the files currently installed. Currently installed files have increased his Fighting and Agility to Incredible levels, other files include: All Science, Military and Tactics, Pilot, Medicine. The helmet is also capable of emiting a disorienting strobe effect of Incredible intensity.
Prometheus has several CDs that he uses to load into his armor computer to give him various skills or advantages. All skills and talents loaded have a maximum level of Incredible rank.
Club: Made from Incredible strength material
Wrist Guns: Made from Excellent material, these guns have a 10 round clip and can inflict Incredible shooting damage.
Prometheus also employs neurotoxin, fire bombs, and many other gadgets at the discretion of the GM.


Acrobatics, Detective, Engineering, Martial Arts A B and E, Mesmerism/Hypnosis, Military, Occult Lore, Pilot, Weaponsmaster, Marksman


Criminal Underworld


Prometheus is the son of 2 serial killers from the 60’s. When his parents were gunned down in a stand-off, he witnessed their deaths, his hair turned white, and developed an extreme hatred of justice. Through criminal connections and money stashed away, he travelled the world and studied. He eventually ended up in Tibet where he received the Cosmic Key. It allowed him to travel to the Ghost Zone where he found many different alien weapons and equipment.

Prometheus is a ruthless, single-minded criminal. His weaknesses lie in his inexperience and his arrogance

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