Karen Starr

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Incredible

Health 235
Karma 80
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 25


Enhanced Hearing: Excellent
Enhanced Vision: Excellent
True Flight: Monstrous
True Invulnerability: Monstrous
Self Sustenance: She is able to survive the vacuum of space and the depth of the ocean
Hyper Speed: Excellent


Powergirl has no resistance to naturally occuring materials.
Kara has a susceptability to Nutra-sweet (a sugar substitute used in diet soda) that effects her temperament


Mystic Origin, Business/Finance, Computers


Justice League, Infinity Inc, Batgirl, Oracle


Once believed to be the cousin of Superman, the young woman known to the world as Powergirl is actually the 45,000 year old Atlantean princess.

Born in an ancient Atlantean society, she had magic in her blood and shortly after her birth, Kara and her brother were placed into the care of their grandfather Arion, a powerful sorcerer.

To stop Kara being used by his enemies and to save her life Arion placed Kara within a crystal chamber and send her to another dimension. Encased inside the magical crystal Kara aged only 22 years, while she actually remained is stasis for 45 millennia.

When the crystal sensed that there was no longer any danger to Kara, it released her to Earth in the 20th century. In order to help her adapt, Kara was given a false set of memories and powers that made her believe herself to be a lost Kryptonian and cousin to Superman.

Years later, with the occurrence of the “Crisis On Infinite Earth’s” Kara began to question her past. Her troubled mind reawakened the dormant consciousness of Arion inside the crystal and her true Atlantean origins.

To maintain a normal life, Kara adopted a secret identity as software engineer Karen Starr, Founder and CEO of Starr Ware. As Powergirl she uses her abilities to serve humanity, initially as a member of Infinity, Inc., and later the Justice League. She now mostly operates on her own.

During her tenure as a League member Kara was seriously injured in battle. Superman was called in to perform some part of the surgery to save her life and as a result her power levels dropped, losing all of her vision powers, and flight and reduced her strength and invulnerability.

Later, Arion used his magic to impregnate Powergirl with the DNA of the demon Scarabus. Kara gave birth to a baby boy in the midst of Zero Hour. The baby almost instantly grew to manhood, fought his otherdimensional father, and then the two of them disappeared, never to be heard from again.

Eventually Kara’s power of Flight returned, but now her powers seem to have either a time limit or an energy limit. Power Girl has been working as an operative for Oracle.

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