Poison Ivy

Pamela Lillian Isley

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Incredible
Reason Excellent
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Remarkable

Health 100
Karma 80
Resources Good
Popularity -5


Invulnerability: Poison Ivy is immune to all forms of poison, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
Plant Growth: Poison Ivy often uses her skills to create bizarre and useful plant hybrids, including giant Venus flytraps and strangling vines. She has the ability to cause plant life to grow at an Unearthly rate.
Plant Control: Ivy also possesses the power to make plant life do as she wishes with Amazing ability
Altered body chemistry: Poison Ivy has developed the ability to create plant-based and sometimes toxic potions through her body chemistry. These include:
Pheromones: that make men fall madly in love with her
Poisoned fingernails: Sharp as thorns Ivy’s nail can inflict Excellent edged damage while injecting a poison of her choice.
Poisonous touch: carries toxins in her blood stream that make her touch deadly. While this can be delivered by a simple touch, her preferred method of “attack” is her kiss, which she uses as a conduit for her power to manipulate men.


Her weapons of choice run the spectrum of natures painful defenses.
a vine whip which she also has used as a lasso, sometimes barbed.
She also occasionally uses hand thrown and blowpipe launched poisoned darts.
Ivy has also been known to employ a crossbow capable of inflicting Good shooting damage


Her overconfidence, in her power over others, and her vanity are her worst enemies. To reject Poison Ivy, and her seductive nature, is to “defeat” her.


Botony, Horticulture, Poisons, Acrobatics, Whip, Bows, Marksman, Thrown weapons, Martial Arts A


Arkham Asylum, Suicide Squad


The vain and selfish daughter of well-to-do parents, Pamela Isley discovered an interest in botany as a young girl and went on to study with Dr. Jason Woodrue in college. Pamela fell in love with Woodrue who had begun performing unusual experiments on Pamela, mutating her into a force of nature with an affinity for and power over plant life.

Transformed and driven insane, this once mousy brunette was changed into a sultry redhead with a serious attitude towards anyone who would dare to threaten her beloved plants. Her altered her body chemistry pumped toxins through her veins, while her skin exuded pheromones that quite literally drove men wild. She became immune to poisons, but at the same time was poisonous to the touch.

To support her own botanical whims and extravagant lifestyle, Isley began a life of crime, gravitating to Gotham City and an obsession with the Batman creating the persona of Poison Ivy. Batman quickly caught Poison Ivy and spurned her affections, which only served to turn Poison Ivy into one of his greatest foes.

Finding herself far too often incarcerated among Gotham’s lunatic fringe in Arkham Asylum, Ivy escaped and secreted herself on a barren Caribbean island, which she transformed into a lush, verdant paradise all her own. Unfortunately, her secret garden was destroyed by mercenaries, which led Ivy on a trail of vengeance back to Gotham and Arkham.

Ivy believes in the superiority of plants of people, and is a lethal avenger of the environment. After the earthquake in Gotham, Poison Ivy became the guardian of Robinson Park.

Depending on the day, she is more or less sane, but she always cares about the plants and does her best to protect them.

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