Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Good
Psyche Excellent

Health 46
Karma 60
Resources Excellent
Popularity 10




Umbrella’s: Penguin ofen uses a number of umbrellas as weapons. They are all considered Remarkable in material strength and effect. His umbrella’s are divided into two types:
The first type concealed weapons such as swords and firearms.
The second type shot knockout gas, acid, electric charges or flame throwers.
Pets: Penguin often employed trained birds, especially hawks and eagles to attack his foes. Utilise standard ability scores for these avian creatures.


Animal Handling- Birds, Animal Training – Birds, Martial Arts B, Weapon Specialist: Umbrella’s, Literature, Chess, Pilot – Air, Land, Water, Leadership, Engineering: Umbrella Design


Suicide Squad, Underworld, Injustice League


Oswald Cobblepot’s mother insisted he always carry an umbrella after his father died of Bronchial Pneumonia, an illness she believed to be caused from being caught in the rain. Cobblepot’s appearance and ever-present umbrella made him the target of childhood torments and his only friends were the birds in his mother’s pet shop. After graduating from college, his mother past away from a longtime illness leaving Cobblepot destitute, resulting in the foreclosure of the pet shop, and seizure of his only friends, the birds. Angry at the law he decided to go into crime and offered his services as a thief to a local crime boss.

Penguin was laughed at and rejected by the mobster. Cobblepot decided to make his new moniker, a name to be feared. Returning to confront the mobster, dressed in a tuxedo and armed with a .45 caliber umbrella, he killed him in self defense. Impressed by his ingenuity the dead mobster’s accomplices agreed to make Cobblepot their leader. Fulfilling his desire to be feared and respected he adopted the name of the Penguin.

During the period when Gotham City was leveled by an earthquake, he was one of the major players in the mostly-abandoned and lawless city, using his connections to sell necessities at outrageous prices. He stockpiled everything that had value in the Davenport Towers. The only force that kept the Penguin in check after the aftermath was Batman.

After the rebuilding of Gotham, Cobblepot still runs “legitimate” businesses around Gotham including a posh nightclub called “The Iceberg Lounge”, the hottest new place in town according to Gotham’s jaded in-crowd. The preening Penguin enjoys the good life, but the he hasn’t entirely abandoned his criminal ways. Using the club as a front, the Penguin secretly continues to control Gotham City’s underworld by bartering in illegal information and stolen goods through various untraceable agents, while hiring unwitting underlings to do all his grunt work. That way if Batman breaks up one of his schemes, the small fries get caught and the Penguin’s wings stay clean. Batman may even find himself in the uncomfortable position of having to go to the Penguin and bargain for information on a criminal’s whereabouts.

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