Rudy Jones / Dr. Torval Freeman

Fighting Typical
Agility Typical
Strength Typical
Endurance Typical
Reason Typical / Excellent
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical / Excellent

Health 210
Karma 18 / 46
Resources Typical
Popularity -20


Power Absorbtion: Uneathly ability to absorb powers and abilities on physical contact, If Parasite has contact with his target for a round, he abosrbs a maximum of 100pts per round and gains the targets’ memories, powers, abilities and talents. The points are drained evenly from the target’s abilities and powers. The absorbed points are evenly distributed among his abilities and absorbed powers. He cannot add points to his own powers. He must “feed” at least once every day to maintain his heightened levels. See chart below.
Duration of Contact Duration of Absorbtion
1 round
1-10 rounds

2 rounds 11-20 rounds
3 rounds 21-30 rounds
4 rounds 31-40 rounds
5 rounds 41-50 rounds
6 rounds 51-60 rounds
7 rounds 61-70 rounds
8 rounds 71-80 rounds
9 rounds 81-90 rounds
10 rounds 91-100 rounds (maximum)
Shapechanging: Parasite has the Unearthly ability to change into other than humanoid forms who he has absorbed in the past. He gains the physical powers of the form he assumes and can increase his physical stats up to +1CS.


Machines and Energy beings are immune
If target’s ranks are Shift-Y or higher, he must make an Endurance FEAT. vs. stuns and slams
If any absorbed abilities are Monstrous or higher, he must make a Psyche FEAT. or overcome that person’s personality
Rudy Jones and Torval Freeman share the same body. They switch from time to time on who controls the body.


Dr. Torval Freeman: Genetics, Rudy has none




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