Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Incredible
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 140
Karma 70
Resources Good
Popularity -5


Bio-Physical Control – Paralysis: Painkiller has the power to anesthetize his victims with Amazing ability. He can also control a victims pain receptors, robbing them of their senses. He has developed this ability to target specific limbs, affecting a type of partial paralysis on a victim. Addtionally he may effect everyone within the immediate area radius.


Painkiller uses numerous bladed weapons, throwing stars, and even spikes in his hair braids.
He also had a pair of nunchaku
A pair of forearm bracers

All Painkillers weapons are made from Excellent material strength


Martial Arts A B, Blunt Weapons, Sharp Weapons, Thrown Weapons


Criminal Underworld


Painkiller was high-level mob enforcer loaned to the Brothers Who Rule, a gang in the Brick City. The BWR was getting hammered by Black Lightning and needed Painkiller to stop him. After observing Black Lighting for a while to get familiar with his modus operandi, Painkiller developed a plan to kill Black Lightning and humiliate the local police. Painkiller set up a fake crack house with minimal drugs and a few expendable BWR youths. His plan was to lure Black Lightning in and call in the cops; in the ensuing fracas Black Lighting would be killed and the youths would be shot down as well, smearing the cops as baby-killers.

Painkiller’s plan did not go down as he had hoped. Black Lightning’s abilities gave him some small protection from Painkiller’s powers and Lightning’s quick thinking averted a police massacre. Lightning then faced Painkiller down man-to-man and a brutal feedback loop between their respective powers seriously injured Painkiller. The leader of the Brothers Who Rule later proclaimed Painkiller had been murdered, but given his previous exaggerated propaganda, it is quite possible Painkiller was simply incapacitated and shipped off to a metahuman holding facility such as Belle Reve.

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