Mister Element

Albert Desmond

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Good

Health 70
Karma 70
Resources Good
Popularity -10




Special Weapon: Element gun: this gun is made of Incredible material. It looks like a regular 45 automatic gun but it is able to do much more. He can shoot any element or mix of elements and use it creatively with monstrous ability and effect. Some of his power stunts have been:
An asbestos shield to protect himself from a super heated carbon attack
Oxygen bubble with an inert nitrogen outer layer (to prevent flame from consuming the oxygen used to help a fireman escape a burning building.)
Niobium acid: potent acid attack that would sear through flesh like butter.
Molten zirconium: equivalent of a plasma attack with side effect of heat and light.
Gas mask: He wears a gas mask that provides amazing protection from gas attacks.


Chemistry, Guns, Weaponmaster: Element gun




Albert was a villain who created his first villain identity as Mr. Element. His second villain identity was the villain known as the first Doctor Alchemy using the legendary philosopher’s stone. He originally fought the Barry Allen Flash until he met his future wife, Rita Desmond and decided to retire from the villain business. He even became a friend of the Flash after that. He returned to activity when another Doctor Alchemy showed up on the scene using the philosopher’s stone and his name. This Dr Alchemy was his astral twin. He had almost the same name and birthday but he had red hair and looked differently. There was a weird quirk to him every time Albert would live a life of good, Al would lead a life of evil and visa versa. Albert was the deciding factor in this equation. Al had framed Albert for his crimes so Albert in his Mr. Element garb went after him. Flash found out from Rita that her husband, Albert as Mr Element went after Dr. Alchemy to bring him to justice because since he originally had created the persona of Dr Alchemy. Dr Alchemy had used an abandoned salt mine as a hideout. As Mr. Element entered a well-lit corridor in the salt mine two solid crystal arms reached out of the walls and struck him unconscious. He awoke to see he had been strung up over a pit full of dead uranium (nuclear waste).

Dr Alchemy II had stolen nuclear waste to create a new element. He called this element Desmondium. The gas from this new element would allow him to hypnotize the entire world. But the person he had tied up wasn’t Albert his astral twin but the Flash. Dr Alchemy II realized that he was a fake when he tried to use the fake element gun prop to shoot him and plunge him into the radioactive pit. At that time Flash was momentarily changed into cavorite (an anti gravity metal) lifting him out of combat but he was able to convert his body back to normal. While this was happening the real Mr. Element showed up. Flash was able to get back to the fight in the nick of time as this time Dr Alchemy II had the real Mr. Element strung up on nylon cables over the pit. Flash promptly gave Dr Alchemy II a swift uppercut to end Dr. Alchemy’s bid for power. Mr. Element went back to living his normal life with his wife after that.

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