Major Force

Clifford Zmeck

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 245
Karma 30
Resources Typical
Popularity 10


Body Coating-Quantum Metal: The alien alloy that covers Major Force’s body allows him to have the stats above and the following powers:
Energy Absorption: Major Force can absorb up to Class 1000 energy levels. If he absorbs more than Unearthly intensity in a single round, he automatically “quantum jumps” through the time stream.
Shift-X equals 1D10 days
Shift-Y equals 1D10 months
Shift-Z equals 1D10 years
Class 1000 equals 3D10 years
Energy Emmision: Major Force has has Monstrous ability to project powerful ‘Atomic Burst’ of energy or force with line of sight range.
Absorb Energy: He may absorb up to 100 points of nuclear energy, his ‘Atomic Bursts’ shift up to +3CS
Invulnerability: Major Force has a Class 1000 resistance to Radiation, Toxins and Disease.
Shape Change: Excellent
True Flight: Major Force can attain Incredible airspeeds.
Life support: While his Body coating is activeMajor Force does not need air, food, or water to survive. He may also exist unprotected in outer space and in harsh environments with Unearthly ability.


Military, Leadership, Pilot




The Atom Project was a front for the operations of U.S. General Wade Eiling. His projects included The Captain Atom Project, The Major Force Project and Project Silver Shield. The Atom Project was created to study the metal from the hull of a mysterious alien craft of unknown origin.

Clifford Zmeck killed Martin Allard’s mother, and was sentenced to death before being recruited for the second phase of the Captain Atom Project, the Major Force Project. Dr. Heinrich Megala used a bigger atomic explosion and more of the alien metal in the attempt with this crazed lunatic…which resulted in his being larger and having matter manipulation powers, instead of the force blasts that Captain Atom manifested. Wade Eiling was also more prepared for Clifford than he was Nate, having installed mini-cameras, gas capsules and explosives within Clifford’s body to control his insane rages. Major Force was a more willing participant in the Captain Atom Project, due to a lack of the ethics which Nathaniel Adam possessed. He also secretly plotted against the Captain Atom whenever possible, and ended up joining with the alien Kylstar to escape Earth and the clutches of Wade Eiling. He returned to earth, killed Kyle Rayner’s girlfriend, and was in turned killed by Guy Gardner. Due to the efforts of the Quorum, this powerful madman was returned to his lifelike state to join a team of foes of the Extreme Justice branch of the Justice League, again attack Guy Gardner, and later face off against the Resurrection Man.

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