Killer Frost

Crystal Frost

Fighting Typical
Agility Typical
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 28
Karma 40
Resources Good
Popularity -10


Cold Generation: Killer Frost can decrease the temperature of any target with Unearthly ability, down to a minimum of absolute zero (-459 degrees F).
Cold Shaping: Killer Frost can create such effects as sheets of ice, ice barriers, or launching spear-like icicles at opponents.
Energy Vampirism – Heat: Killer Frost needs to absorb heat in order to survive. Hence, Killer Frost can kill people by kissing them and simultaneously draining the warmth from their bodies. If she succeeds in draining all of a person’s warmth, he will die. To drain the heat from an average person will take 3 rounds.


Killer Frost is highly vulnerable to cold, which causes her own energy to drain from her body, eventually rendering her immobile.


Physics, Computer Programming


Secret Society of Super-Villains


Dr. Crystal Frost was an extremely withdrawn young woman who sought to be accepted as an equal by her fellow scientist, but felt herself instead to be the victim of prejudice against women. While studying at Hudson University she fell in love with one of her teachers, Dr. Martin Stein. Years later, Stein visited a scientific project she was working on in the Arctic. She was shocked to learn that Stein was not and never had been in love with her.

Dr. Frost accidentally locked herself in a thermofrost chamber, and as a result was transformed into a super-human being. Calling herself Killer Frost, she sought vengeance on her allegedly prejudiced male colleagues and on Stein by absorbing all the heat from their bodies. However, Stein joined with student Ronnie Raymond to become Firestorm, who defeated Killer Frost.

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