Jenny-Lynn Hayden

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Incredible

Health 86
Karma 70
Resources Typical
Popularity 10


Energy Manipulation: Jade has Monstrous energy manipulation powers thanks to the Starheart. Powers stunts include:
Energy Blasts: Monstrous
Force Field: Jade can create emerald Force fields of Monstrous Strength
The creation of objects of solid energy, GM decides which creations are within the power of Jade and assigns a power intensity FEAT: Simple weapons, entrapments devices, common geometric shapes, gigantic hands and simple containers are all powers stunts and are usually Am rank.
Flight: Excellent airspeed in Earth’s atmosphere although she can reach Class 1000 speeds in space
Self Sustenance: Jade can survive the depths of space unaided for extened periods of time. She has no need for food or water although does enjoy these things.


Jade can only create 1 effect per round, but can maintain up to 3 existing effects by making a sucessful psyche FEAT roll.


Photography, Aerial Combat, Acting/Modeling


Kyle Rayner, Alan Scott, John Stewart, Merayn, Titans, Justice Society, Outsiders


Jade is the daughter of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott. She and her twin brother, Todd (Obsidian), were conceived by Scott and a young woman named Alyx Florin. In truth, Florin was the former villainess, Rose Canton (The Thorn). She was raised by adoptive parents, Julian & Myrna Hayden, and did not meet Todd until adolescence. Since then, Alan has married Molly Maynne, the former Harlequin.

During her time with Infinity, Inc., Jennie had a brief relationship with Brainwave II, but his mental instability eventually led to their break-up. Jennie pursued acting and modeling and serving with the short-lived team called the Blood Pack. She lost her inborn powers, and for a time began to exhibit plant-based powers similar to her birth mother’s.

She met Kyle Rayner and when Kyle was called away into space, he bestowed Jennie with a power ring, making her the sixth Green Lantern of Earth. Thanks to genetic manipulation courtesy of Kyle Rayner, during his time as Ion, Jade once again wields emerald energies. Like those of her father, original Green Lantern Alan Scott, Jenny’s powers are derived from an internal connection to the mystic power source known as the Starheart, not from the wearing of a power ring.

Recently, Jade turned down Kyle’s proposal of marriage, preferring to nurture their relationship further before accepting another ring. With the restoration of the emerald energy-based powers that were her birthright, Jade has seemingly stopped exploring the latent plant-based abilities passed on from her mother, the 1940s villainess known as “The Thorn.” Whether she still possesses those powers has yet to be revealed.

As a Green Lantern, Jade assisted the Justice League, and she remains a reservist. Recently, she has joined Arsenal and Nightwing’s new team of Outsiders. Though she has, on occasion, used a power ring and worn a Green Lantern uniform, she prefers to be known as “Jade,” a sobriquet she first used as a founding member of Infinity Inc.

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