Granny Goodness

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Incredible
Reason Incredible
Intuition Good
Psyche Incredible

Health 130
Karma 90
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity -25




Body Armor:Provides Incredible protection from physical and energy damage
Mega-Rod: Unearthly strength material, capable if inflicting Remarkable blunt damage. In addtion Granny’s Mega-Rod can fire an Energy Blast of Amazing intensity upto 10 area range.
Happiness Homes: Granny runs an orphanage called Happiness Home, which is a combination school, jail, and torture chamber. Special individuals would be sent to the dreaded Section Zero for Granny’s personal attention. Her job is to indoctrinate the prisoners into the way of life on Apokolips. At the end of a week’s indoctrination, Granny can make a single mental attack using her Psyche and incorporating her Training skill against the combined total of all the victim’s Psyches. Success indicates the target has been indoctrinated and becomes a slave-like devotee of Darkseid. Cell walls are of Unearthly material and locks and security systems are Monstrous.


Engineering, Melee Weapons, Martial Arts B E, Psychology, Psychiatry, Torture Devices, Brainwashing, Training, Leadership




Little is known of the headmistress of the orphanages of Apokolips, orphanages which are in actually nightmarish military schools designed to train the children of Apokolips to develop their inherent abilities and any powers they may possess.

One of her star pupils, she named Scott Free (aka: Mister Miracle) was also one of her greatest failures. Free was not a native of Apokolips, but was traded to the dread sovereign Darkseid in exchange for his son Orion as a peace offering from New Genesis. Free would eventually escape to Earth with the help of his love Barda (Big Barda) and Metron. His escape would nullify the peace treaty and the war between the worlds of opposites would commence. Finding purpose for the elite trained by Granny Goodness.

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