Gorilla Grodd

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Amazing
Endurance Amazing
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Amazing

Health 170
Karma 80
Resources Excellent
Popularity -10


Hyper-Intelligence: Monstrous ability to comprehend/design/repair technolog
Berserker: Able to avoid stuns and slams as well as psychic attacks. Must make a Yellow Psyche FEAT to come out off it.
Body Armor: Excellent vs. Physical and Energy
Telepathy: Amazing
Mind Blast: Amazing
Mind Scan: Incredible
Mind Control: Remarkable


Resist Domination, Wrestling, Repair/Tinkering, Leadership, Acrobatics, Engineering, Physics, Leadership


Gorilla City, Secret Society of Super-villains


Deep in the heart of Africa is a city hidden by mountains and illusion. Where it now stands, a meteor crashed during the 19th century, its rays imbuing a gorilla tribe with hyper-intelligence and telepathy. There they now live, in an advanced society using science far beyond our own.

On an exploratory mission, their leader Solovar was captured by humans. Rather than reveal the existence of Gorilla City, he played dumb and allowed himself to be taken to a Central City circus. Grodd came after him, but not for rescue; his intent was to steal Solovar’s secret for controlling others through force of mind. He succeeded, but ran afoul of the Flash for the first time. His plan to create an army of his fellow gorillas and take over the world was foiled.

Since then, Grodd has spent most of his time imprisoned in Gorilla City, breaking out only when he has a plan ready. Often he has gone to Central City, hoping to eliminate the Flash before he could interfere with his plans. At times, he has led a political faction within Gorilla City, sometimes even becoming the dominant force.

Grodd had been trapped inside the human body of an overweight street bum. He was attacked by a gang known as the Vultures. One of them commented on how their member Iggo had the strength of a gorilla, which reminded Grodd of his true form. Suddenly changing back to his original shape and size, he quickly defeated the gang, making them believe that they are burning in molten lava by using his force of mind power. Reading the minds of the crooks, he saw that one of the former members of their gang was a friend of the Flash, and a plan began to form in his mind.

Grodd found another space-rock, identical to the one that had given him his powers, and contacted Hector Hammond, a human who had also gained similar powers through another space-rock, hoping to use this meteorite as a super-weapon to rule the world. However, while Hammond and Grodd tried to wrestle this meteorite away from the Green Lantern, who had joined the Flash in Africa, it exploded, accelerated Grodd’s evolution even moreso. With these heightened powers, Grodd was able to gain control of Gorilla City’s entire population. With the help of Rex the Wonder Dog, the two were able to defeat Grodd. The battle left Grodd’s mind like a child’s, and he and Hammond, who the meteorite had turned into a Cro-Magnon, were left in Gorilla City to be educated into useful citizens.

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