General Wade Eiling

Fighting Excellent
Agility Incredible
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 235
Karma 46
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity -40


Density Increase: The general has a large mass, weighing in at 1380lbs.
Growth: The General is 12ft tall. Human size opponents gain the benefit of +1 Column Shift to hit him.
Enhanced Reflex’s: The General is quicker than the average person. He gains a benefit of +1 to initative rolls
Enhanced Senses: The General has an Excellent sense of smell. This allows him to track with Excellent ability.
True Invulnerability: Unearthly
Regeneration: Monstrous
Recovery: Monstrous
Self Sustenance: The General’s synthetic body does not require food, water or expel waste.
Telescopic Vision: Poor


Badass rifle: Made from Incredible strength materials the rifle is capable of inflicting Amazing shooting damage. with a range of 10 areas.


The General has a -1CS resistance against hypnotic attacks


Martial Arts A B D, Military, Pilot-land, Guns, Leadership


Prime Movers, Injustice Gang


A career military man of poor scruples, General Wade Eiling was not above manipulating others to further his goals. As an Air Force Major, Eiling was associated with the Atom Project. Seeking test subjects, he framed Captain Nathaniel Adam for treason, offering amnesty if he volunteered for the project.

The test appeared to have failed when Adam, incased in a nearly indestructible alloy, was apparently disintegrated by a nuclear bomb. In truth Adam survived the blast being hurled decades into the future, where General Eiling would continue to manipulate him as Captain Atom.

Eiling’s greatest ploy for world domination involved in spearheading the Ultramarines Project supposedly as a metahuman force designed to serve American interests.

Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Eiling made his own bid for inmortality by ordering the Ultramarines to recover the body of the Shaggy Man from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. This indestructible former foe of the JL now became the perfect receptacle for Eiling’s power-mad mind.

Eiling succeeded in transferring his mind into a shaved Shaggy Man and christened himself the General, intending to make a bid for world power. However, in his first battle with the JLA, the heroes teleported him to a remote asteroid in the Asteroid Belt. A few months later, as his hate and rage grew, the General was saved from his exile. At the request of Lex Luthor, Zazzala, The Queen Bee, found and rescued the General. Luthor offered him membership into a new Injustice Gang and promised him a chance at revenge. He and the Queen Bee then laid waste to the JLA Watchtower by sneaking in via a dimensional transporter linked to the Still Zone, aka Limbo, to which Prometheus had access. While the Queen Bee then directed her efforts towards securing Earth, the General engaged Steel, Superman, Orion, and Sturmer (Orion’s “hound”) on the moon. They were evenly matched against the General’s might until Sturmer sacrificed himself taking the General into exile yet again, this time in the endless void of Limbo. The General remains trapped there, presumably locked in endless combat with the vicious hound of the New Gods.

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