Doctor Light I

Arthur Light

Fighting Poor
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 50
Karma 60
Resources Good
Popularity -10


Light Manipulation: Am, Dr. Light has Amazing ability to bend light with his own will. Has the following power stunts:
Energy Blast: Am Energy, 5 areas
Blinding Flash: In blinding
Illusion: Am
True Flight: Remarkable
Force Field Generation: Remarkable


Quantum Physics


Injustice Gang


Arthur Light was once a simple researcher at STAR Labs, working in tandem with Dr. Jacob Finlay on perfecting a variety of light-based technology. The idealistic Finlay wished to use their discoveries to become a superhero, while the more mercenary Light was selling STAR Labs secrets to organized crime to pay off old gambling debts. While attempting to pilfer the plans for a new armored exoskel- eton, Arthur encountered a previously-unknown hero named Dr. Light, who mysteriously allowed him to go free. The heroic Dr. Light was in fact Arthur Light’s partner, Jacob. The following day, Jacob was accidentally killed in a lab mishap. Under pressure from organized crime, Arthur Light searched Finlay’s lab and discovered his deceased partner’s “Dr. Light” costume. Haunted by Jacob’s spirit, Arthur Light decided that he had been pushed around long enough, and embarked on a criminal career as Dr. Light.

Light learned enough about optics from studying his heroic predecessor’s equipment to create powerful light-based weaponry of his own; and after a couple of weeks in the laboratory, he emerged as a full-fledged supervillain and hatched a scheme to eliminate the entire Justice League of America, though the heroes easily thwarted him. Light then realized that the collected Justice League was a powerful nemesis and adopted a new tack, deciding to hunt down each of the Justice Leaguers one- by-one, beginning with Green Lantern, though this scheme also failed.

Later, Light clashed with the Teen Titans, both alone, and with the Fearsome Five, a team of criminals that he himself founded.

In his most recent appearance as a villain, Dr. Light attempted to surreptitiously take over a small town, though his scheme was thwarted by a trio of ten-year- old boys calling themselves Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys

While in prison after this last defeat, Dr. Light was recruited by the government-backed espionage unit known as the Suicide Squad. Moments after Jacob’s ghost convinced him to have a change of heart regarding his criminal ways, Dr. Light was killed by a horde of Darkseid’s para-demons while on a Squad mission.

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