Slade Wilson

Fighting Amazing
Agility Incredible
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Incredible
Intuition Amazing
Psyche Incredible

Health 160
Karma 130
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 0


Self-Revival: Slade Wilson is able to return from the grave and regenerate himself.
Hyper-senses: All of Slade’s five sense operate at Excellent levels
Hyper Inteligence: Deathstroke is capable of using 90% of his brain capacity.
Regeneration: Slade has rapid-healing powers capable for Incredible regeneration
Infravision: The right eye he lost has been restored with an artificial eye, equipped with Remarkable infrared vision.


Body armor suit: Made from a combination Kevlar/Flameweave composite that provides:
Excellent Body Armor vs. physical attacks
Good vs. energy attacks
Remarkable vs Fire
Staff: Amazing Material strength. Capable of firing an Amazing intensity Force Blast.
Deathstroke uses a sword as well as various knives and throwing weapons, he also uses sniper equipment and other balistic weapons. All his other weapons are standard issue or basically as needed weapons only. He has unlimited access to all weapons including Military grade should he desire.


All Fighting, All Weapons, Weapon Master, Weapon Specialist: Firearms, Leadership, Military, Pilot, Detective/Espionage


Underworld, Various mercenary organisations, Third World Nations, Ravager


Slade Wilson was always a strong, determined personality. As a young man, he lied about his age to get into the Army. He quickly distinguished himself and became one of the youngest decorated soldiers. During a guerrilla warfare training session, he was bested by his instructor, Adeline Kane, a woman who matched his fiery personality and superior fighting skills. Sparks ignited immediately between the two, and they quickly fell in love and wed. Shortly thereafter, Adeline gave birth to a son, Grant. Slade continued on active duty, and volunteered for a medical experiment in resisting truth serums.

The experiment left Slade weakened and bedridden for a time. The experiment, unbeknownst to anyone but Slade, had an unforeseen side effect: it gave Slade enhanced strength and heightened reflexes. Shortly after this, Adeline gave birth to a second son, Joseph. After resisting orders to rescue life long friend, Wintergreen, Slade was discharged from the army. He took up hunting for a while, but it failed to quench his thirst for the life he once led. Unknown to his wife and family, Slade secretly became a mercenary known as Deathstroke, the Terminator.

One one of his assignments, Slade assassinated a Colonel from the country of Quarac. The president from Quarac sent a terrorist known as the Jackal to find Slade, and find out who hired him to kill the Colonel. To gain leverage, the Jackal kidnapped a young Joseph Wilson. This forced Slade to admit to his wife that he was secretly the mercenary known as Deathstroke, the Terminator. Adeline and Slade together confronted the Jackal. Slade to give the Jackal the information he requested, because it would violate his professional code of ethics. Slade gambled he could react fast enough to save his son; He saved Joseph’s life, but not before one of Jackal’s men had begun to slit his throat. Joseph was now mute.

Adeline, furious at Slade’s betrayal and risking her son’s life, confronted Slade with a gun. Slade’s quick reflexes saved his life, but he lost his right eye due to the gunshot inflicted by his wife. Adeline then divorced Slade and raised her two sons by herself. Grant followed in his father’s footsteps and attended military school. Joseph, however, was quite different from his brother; He was a kind, gentle soul who flourished in the arts. Joseph was both a talented artist and musician. Adeline nurtured this side of Joseph, and he grew up to be a fine young man under Adeline’s care.

Slade continued his activities as the mercenary, Deathstroke, the Terminator. Although a mercenary, Slade did keep his own personal code of ethics, taking only jobs his conscience would allow him to. A few years after his divorce from Adeline, Slade met Lillian “Sweet-Lili” Worth, an Oriental clan princess whose life fell in ruins. It was Slade who brought Lili from war-torn Cambodia to Thailand, where she would have relative freedom. Slade and Lili remained in contact, embarking an an on/off love affair whenever their paths crossed. During one of their trysts, Slade impregnated Lili, who later gave birth to Rose Worth; Slade’s daughter. Lili kept Rose a secret from Slade, rationalizing it was in the child’s best interest to do so.

A few years later, Slade casually refused a job that would change his life forever. The criminal organization known as the H.I.V.E. offered Slade a contract to kill the Ten Titans. Slade refused. But Slade’s son, Grant, assumed the contact himself. The bitter Grant perceived that the Titans had ruined his life and sought to exact his revenge through this contract with the H.I.V.E. Given powers and a costume, Grant became the Ravanger. Seeking to destroy the Teen Titans, Grant succeeded only in destroying himself. Slade vowed to destroy the Titans himself, in an effort to honor his son’s contract.

After failing to fulfill this contract himself, Slade came in contact with a young sociopath with dangerous powers: Tara Markov. Markov had powerful earth-shaping powers, but was emotionally unstable. Full of blind hate, Markov agreed to work with Slade, acting as a double agent as a member of the Teen Titans, gaining access to all their secrets and weaknesses. With Terra’s help, Slade was able to deliver the Teen Titans to the H.I.V.E. Dick Grayson with the help of Slade’s son Joe Wilson were able to infiltrate H.I.V.E. headquarters and rescue the Titans. In the ensuing battle, Terra died and Slade was captured to stand trial.

Slade’s case was thrown out of court because the prosecutor failed to prove that the Terminator who did the kidnapping was indeed Slade Wilson, Actually, Gar Logan (Changeling) sabotaged the trial so he could destroy Slade Wilson himself. Slade showed up for their “final battle” in his civilian garb, forcing Gar to see him as a man, not a simple vessel for his rage at Terra’s betrayal. The two men parted on truce terms. Slade laid low for awhile, taking up hunting again in Africa.

Months later, Slade became involved with a Titans’ case involving a dangerous plague. He became active again as Deathstroke, and eventually resumed his mercenary activities, with a stricter code of ethics. Shortly after this, current and former members of the Titans were hunted and captured by the Wildebeast Society, for unknown reasons. Deathstroke was instrumental in tracking down the captured Titans. Upon locating the captured Titans, the heroes were shocked to learn the identity of the leader of the Wildebeasts’ Joe Wilson!

It seems the tainted souls of Azareth regained their strength and merged with Jericho shortly after Trigon’s second defeat. The souls now needed powerful vessels for each of them to survive. Now possessed by this force, Jericho sought to acquire superhuman beings as vessels for the souls of Azareth. He used the Wildebeast Society as a front to kidnap the Titans to house the tainted souls of Azareth. During the soul transfer process, Jericho resurfaced briefly, begging his father to kill him; He was beyond help and killing him might destroy the twisted souls of Azareth. To spare his son any more pain and save the remaining Titans, Slade Wilson was forced to drive a sword through Jericho, killing him instantly. This became one of Slade’s greatest defeats. He now felt responsible for the death of both his sons.

Slade continued his life as a mercenary, but also acted as a sometime hero on his own, aiding the Titans or acting on his own to help others. Slade also met Pat Trayce, a tough former-cop who would become the new costumed Vigilante. Pat Trayce and Slade quickly became lovers, and began an tumultuous on again/off again relationship.

Soon, Slade’s life was turned upside down. Slade stopped an assassination attempt on the president. But Slade’s heroic act was misconstrued ; by stopping a doppleganger of a U.S. Senator emplanted with a bomb, the authorities believed Slade had killed the Senator, and tried to kill the president himself! Deathstroke became a hunted fugitive. Meanwhile, a new man assuming the identity of the Ravanger was hunting down Slade’s friends and loved ones, killing his informant Maurice, his tech supplier, Squirrel, and his former lover, Lili. At the same time, Adeline Wilson was exhibiting strange behavior, blaming Slade for her sons’ deaths and vowing to kill him and his new lover, Pat Trayce.

Eventually, Slade was able to clear his name. Working with Sarge Steel and Checkmate, he was able to prove that the assassination attempt was actually a plan of the Crimelord, Steve Dayton. Dayton wanted to replace all the world leaders with clones, under his control. Furthermore, the now-insane Dayton wanted to merge his essence to cyberspace. Deathstroke thwarted his plan and cleared his name. Dayton is now presumably floating somewhere in the void of cyberspace.

It was during this ordeal, however, that Slade made some shocking discoveries about himself. After being riddled with bullets and brought to a morgue, Slade awoke from the dead! Apparently, Slade had an unknown extra-ability to add to his enhanced healing factor: Immortality. Upon awaking from each “death”, however, Slade is in a state of psychosis for a brief period of time. The second discovery Slade made was that Rose Wilson is his own daughter! Fearing he would not be a good father, he eventually left Rose primarily in the care of Wintergreen, and then, the Titans.

The new Ravanger was revealed to be Slade’s half-brother, Wade DeFarge. DeFarge was insanely jealous of Slade – and tried to torture him by killing anyone Slade cared about. Meanwhile, Adeline Kane, now completely over the edge, donned a Vigilante costume, and came into conflict with Slade and the Ravanger. After Adeline was bruised and healed immediately, Slade guessed the truth: Slade had given Addie a blood transfusion some months ago. The transfusion gave her rapid-healing powers, but was also driving her quite mad. During the fracas with Ravanger, Addie was shot between the eyes and naturally presumed dead. The Ravanger was captured and taken away by authorities. Later, in the morgue, Adeline awoke. Apparently, she had gained Slade’s immortality as well. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

On his next case, Slade was engulfed in an explosion in the Capital Dome. This had a stranger effect than his previous regenerations. When he awoke this time, Slade awoke as a man some 20 years YOUNGER than he had been! Furthermore, he had no recollection of his past life. His personality attributes were pure Slade Wilson, but his memories were dim. This younger Slade came in contact with Pat Trayce, Vigilante, who had salvaged what was left of Adeline Kane’s company, Searchers, Inc., and created her own search & rescue operation; Vigilance, Inc. Through her contacts, Pat Trayce was able to restore Slade’s lost right eye, and this new eye equipped him with infrared vision.

After that, on a routine mission with Vigilante, Slade was caught in yet another explosion, this time involving volatile chemicals. The explosion “killed” Slade and triggered another regeneration. After that incident, Slade’s actions became somewhat erratic, and he cut ties with both Pat Trayce and Wintergreen, claiming they were no longer part of his life, since he did not remember them. So Pat Trayce continued running Vigilance, Inc., with Wintergreen as her right hand man. Wintergreen suspected that this second explosion restored Slade’s memory, since details of his past life crept up in idle conversation. Knowing that Slade must have his reasons for cutting ties with he and Pat, Wintergreen respected this unspoken request from Slade, and gave him his space.

Since that time, Slade has resurfaced, returning to his earlier mercenary ways. He has tangled with Batman, Nightwing, Azrael and the Teen Titans. In these confrontations, he exhibited little sense of honor, taking jobs that the old Slade would have turned down on moral principle. Only in his confrontation with Azrael did Slade show he was a man of honor.

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