Victor Stone

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Amazing
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 185
Karma 40
Resources Good
Popularity 5


Omegadrome: Cyborg still controls the Omegadrome, which can morph into different shapes and constructs permitting the following abilities at Amazing levels:
Body Transformation: He is able to transform his body into any possible combination of any elements.
Shapechange: He also has virtually unlimited shape-changing ability, and can mimic even air or space vehicles. He can reshape his entire body or parts of it and can form such complex shapes as a tank a bicycle or even a gun and simple forms as a cloud or a spring.
Body Resistance: The nature of Cyborg’s body provides him with natural body armor offering Amazing resistance vs. physical damage and Remarkable resistance vs. energy attacks
Communication with Cybernetics: Cyborg can interface with computers with Excellent ability.


Engineering, Repair/Tinker, Electronics


S.T.A.R. Labs, New Titans


Victor (Vic) Stone grew up surrounded by science. As the only son of research scientists Silas and Elinore Stone, Victor was pushed and trained to follow in his parents’ footsteps. While experimenting on ways to boost human intelligence, they used Vic as a subject, which bestowed him with an IQ of 170. Silas and Elinore Stone’s pursuit of science unfortunately blinded them to their son’s need for a normal childhood.

Young Vic got into trouble when he began hanging around with the wrong crowd, which included a youth named Ron Evers, who got Vic into trouble several times. Victor remained Ron’s friend because he had no one else, his actions stimulated by his loneliness and lack of attention from his father.

Thanks to Elinore’s persuasion, Silas allowed Vic to attend public high school, where he immediately began making friends and showing great athletic potential. Vic met his first girlfriend, Marcy Reynolds, and trained very hard in the hopes of going to the Olympics. Silas was angered by Victor’s athletic plans because he wanted his son to pursue a career in the sciences; he did not think in terms of what Victor might want. This disagreement created a large rift between Vic and Silas and laid the groundwork for future tensions.

One day Vic happened to visit his parents at S.T.A.R. Labs. They were working on two projects: a long-range inter-dimensional study and observation project, and the development of cybernetic body parts for physically disabled soldiers. While observing another dimension, Silas accidentally let a blob-like creature slither through the dimensional barrier. The entity killed Elinore and critically wounded Vic before Silas could activate the recall button and send it back.

Determined not to let his son meet the same fate his wife did, a desperate and unauthorized Silas used the untested cybernetic technology to rebuild Vic’s body with a frame of enforced molybdenum steel, special polymers and plastics. Vic survived, and Cyborg was born.

Angry at his father and bitter about his fate, Vic ostracized himself from society by moving to Hell’s Kitchen, a bad part of town where he felt a freak such as himself would fit in. It was here that Raven found Vic and asked him to join the New Teen Titans.

In appreciation of Vic’s new friends and the feeling of purpose they gave to his son, Silas Stone built Titans’ Tower. Several months later, Silas died of radiation poisoning, but Vic, having reconciled with his father, stayed with Silas until the end.

During his time on the team, Cyborg forged a close friendship with Garfield Logan. He also met Sarah Simms, who works with handicapped children with prosthetics. The children looked up to Vic, who had his own ‘metal prosthetics,’ of a sort. Vic and Sarah Simms remained close friends. Although each of them danced around the idea of a romantic relationship, this would never come to pass.

There have been a few attempts to upgrade Cyborg’s body using Promethium, and one project even attempted to cover his metallic parts with an artificial skin; unfortunately, Victor’s body rejected the new additions. It was at this time, however that Vic met Dr. Sarah Charles of S.T.A.R. Labs. There was an instant attraction between the two, and it soon blossomed into a full-blown romance.

It was also at this time that Vic’s grandparents, Tucker and Maude Stone, reentered his life. Vic harbored some resentment towards them; They worked the vaudeville circuit and were rarely around when he was growing up. Also, they neglected to attend his father’s funeral. After a long talk, they mended fences. Vic’s grandparents became a strong, supportive element in his life.

Soon, Dr. Sarah Charles received a job offer to work in S.T.A.R. Labs’ West Coast branch. This would put a major strain on her relationship with Vic. Regardless, she took the job and her and Vic eventually worked out their problems and continued a long-distance relationship.

Shortly after this, current and former members of the Titans (including Cyborg) were hunted and captured by the Wildebeest Society. Deathstroke, Nightwing, Troia, Pantha, Phantasm, and Arella joined forces to track them down. Upon locating the captured Titans, the heroes were shocked to learn the identity of the leader of the Wildebeests was their own teammate, Jericho! During the conflict, a rocket is launched containing Victor Stone, and it crash lands in Russia.

The remaining Titans tracked down the rocket and found their sometime ally, Red Star. It seems Victor was badly damaged in the crash; A group of Russian scientists did their best to rebuild him, but were unable to restore his mind. Cyborg was built a bulkier robotic body with enhanced abilities, but was a silent, brain-dead stormtrooper. The Titans traveled back to the United States to find a cure for Vic’s state and save their other teammates from the Wildebeest Society. The Titans were able to defeat the Wildebeest Society and save their team mates. They were however, unable to return Vic to his true form.

The Titans later encountered an alien race called Technis, a cyberalien collective that is exploring and cataloging data throughout the galaxy. The race was dying and in need of a human, a soul, to survive. Vic Stone elected to be the one to save the dying race, and he merged his consciousness with the Technis.

In exchange, they gave him a new body and a new name, Cyberion. Cyberion became their protector as they traveled throughout the galaxy. Some time later, Vic (as Cyberion) was reunited with his former teammates as an evil version of Raven tried to destroy her good self. To ferret out Starfire, evil Raven incited a conflict in the Vegan star system. As a result, Tamaran was destroyed along with the Technis.

The Titans were able to destroy evil Raven utterly, and restore good Raven into a new spiritual golden body. Following that, Jarras Minion made Victor a gift of his Omegadrome war suit. The Omegadrome allowed Victor to try to carry out his Technis Imperative: To recreate the planet Technis at all costs!

Having collected a planet-size assortment of technological debris, Cyberion journeyed to Earth to turn its moon into a new Technis world and populate it with his Titans allies. The JLA and the Titans first clashed, then united, to prevent Cyberion from destroying the planet while saving Vic’s soul and downloading it into Minion’s morphing battlesuit, the Omegadrome. The original five Titans then decided to re-form the team. Cyborg was asked to join, and he accepted.

Vic’s time with the new team was fraught with a run of bad luck. He re-acquanted himself with his girlfriend Dr. Sarah Charles only to learn she had begun a relationship with a fellow lab technician. During a battle with Tartarus and the H.I.V.E., Vic was offered a human body if he would help Vandal Savage harvest Addie Kane’s immortal blood. Before he could make a decision, Starfire destroyed Addie’s body, thus robbing Vic of the chance to make a choice. Also, Vic had to remain a member of the team, per a deal that Nightwing made with Batman. Following the events of his Technis Imperative, the JLA only trusted Vic to remain free if the Titans kept a watchful eye on him.

Feeling like he owed his old friend a debt, Nightwing worked feverishly to find a cure for Vic’s condition. With Jesse Quick’s help, his idea was successful, Victor was given a new lease on organic life with a body cloned from cell samples harvested by the Russian scientists who once spared him. Though his mind and cybernetic abilities are still encapsulated in the Omegadrome, Victor inhabits a truly biological body. And for the first time in years, Cyborg knows what it is to live and feel and breathe unaided by mechanized parts. Embarking on a new life, Victor Stone has left the Titans and headed to live on the West Coast.

Vic Stone aided the Flash during the “Our Worlds At War” crisis. Now using the golden Omegadrome to morph into a cybernetic form, Vic returned to adventuring and has settled in Keystone City, home of the Flash.

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