Fighting Remarkable
Agility Monstrous
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Excellent

Health 145
Karma 40
Resources Excellent
Popularity -5




Special Snake suit: Copperhead’s entire suit is constructed from a unique weave of experimental metallic and elastic fibers and coated with a special polymer film that enables him to slither through impossibly small spaces and makes him hard to grab. He can fit into small holes and is difficult to hold. Attempts to grapple or strike Coppperhead suffer a -4CS penalty to hit while Copperhead’s own attacks are on the Amazing level.
Body Armor: Copperhead’s suit provides Good protection from Physical and energy damage.
Wall Crawling: Copperhead’s suit contains special chemical’s that allow him Remarkable wall crawling abilities.
Stretching: The suit can stretch up to two areas away.
Fangs: The fangs in the snake suit’s helmet are also coated with highly toxic venom that can cause paralysis and death. Amazing intensity poison; Endurance FEAT, failure results in unconsciousness. If first feat is unsuccessful, Second endurance feat to see if he starts losing endurance ranks.


Espionage, Acrobatics, Martial arts E




Nothing is known about the early life or origin of the criminal known as Copperhead. He first showed up in Gotham City several years ago where he did a number of rapid-fire thefts before he was eventually apprehended by Batman and Batgirl.

A lot of his time in prison he spend in solitary confinement as he kept getting into fights with the other inmates. During these periods in isolation Copperhead spent days concentrating on various odd yoga-like exercises that helped him gain total control of his body. A month later he used these abilities to escape from prison. However, instead of going back on another crimespree Copperhead seemingly dissapeared from the face of the Earth.

Copperhead spent the next couple of years mastering his skills and became a master assassin who does whatever he’s paid to do by anyone. Eventually Copperhead resurfaced as he came into conflict with Flash and Hawk and Dove.

At some point Copperhead was sent after Rex Leech, Superboy’s manager, to “persuade” him to come up some money that he owed a very powerful man by the name of Ira Gambolli. Copperhead caught up with Rex on Hawaii, and instead of killing him, he told him that his daughter would suffer the sins of the father.

Fortunately for Roxy, Superboy was there to protect her. For all Copperhead’s amazing skill, he really couldn’t do much more to Superboy other than surprise him with some really cool tactics. Due to his incredible agility, he held his own against Superboy’s hardest hits, simply by not being there when he delivered, or else just rolling with the punches. Using his tactile telekinesis, Superboy connected a wire around Copperhead and connected it to a live circuit, really putting the hurt on the snake. Superboy finished him off with a nice uppercut. He was then sent to Kulani prison.

During the event known as “Underworld Unleashed,” Neron broke Copperhead out and offered greater power in exchange for his soul. Copperhead took the offer and now he literally is a kind of snake-man, when before he was just a contortionist in a powerful snake suit.

Copperhead was intent on revenge against Superboy, since he was a master assasin and Superboy’s just a rookie, and with the slimy snake’s new powers, it seemed like he was going to clean the kid’s clock. Still, even though Superboy had basically lost most of his powers and was close to dying from illness at the time, he bested Copperhead by body surfing him off the road they were scrapping on and of the angle of the fall. It looked to the severely weakened Superboy like Copperhead went straight into the ocean, but he was too sick to check for sure.

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