Captain Cold

Leonard Snart

Fighting Good
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 70
Karma 80
Resources Excellent
Popularity -20




Cold Gun: Leonard developed a special weapon that can halt movement at the atomic level thereby achieving absolute zero. He can use this gun he created for several cold and ice abilities, all at unearthly rank.
Ice missiles: thrown Unearthly edged damage
Snow balls: thrown Unearthly blunt damage
Entrap others in ice of Unearthly strength up to two areas away
Create columns, walls, and other shapes of Monstrous material rank
Create ice ramps that allow him to “skate” at Monstrous land speed. These ramps if properly supported can rise up two floors per round.
Project waves of cold with monstrous intensity and range and reduces the Opponent’s FEAT’s by -5cs if the intensity is higher than endurance, -2CS otherwise. This cold can be used to offset heat damage.
Absorb cold and ice (effectively melting the latter) with Monstrous ability and capacity.


Cryogenics, Weapon Master: Cold Gun




Leonard Snart grew up in a trailer park outside of central city with an alcoholic father and a verbally abusive mother. His only fond memories are of his younger sister, Lisa. The two would shoplift together, beat up the neighbour kids and steal from their own parents. When Snart turned eighteen he moved out and becoming a small time thief and began drinking excessively and experimentally with drugs. After graduating to armed robbery, Snart was caught by Barry Allen (the second flash) in central city and imprisoned. During his jail time, he studied thermal motion hoping to find a way to slow flash down.

When he was released, Snart broke into a lab and used an unknown radiation to charge a special gun of his own design. Snart’s cold gun has the unique ability to halt the movement at the atomic level, thereby achieving absolute zero. It can also create cold field which Snart-renamed Captain Cold-used to slow flash down so he could be seen.

After Barry Allen died, cold briefly teamed with his sister, now a supervillain called the golden glider and the two eventually formed a quasi-legitimate business as bounty hunters. But good was not in their blood and it quickly fell apart. Soon after the golden glider was murdered, thrusting cold back into crime.

Cold often goes on binges with his illicit earnings, spending his money on booze and professional escorts. He has recently returned to keystone city for reasons yet to be revealed.

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