Black Manta

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Incredible

Health 120
Karma 90
Resources Remarkable
Popularity -5




Wet Suit: He wears a costume that provides him with an unlimited air supply and communications capacity. It also protects him from the extraordinary pressure of the deepest sea.
Helmet: The lenses in his helmet are also equipped with sophisticated laser beams, capable of piercing carbon steel. It does Monstrous energy damage.
Sea Craft: Over the years he has used various undersea craft, probably of his own design. Here are some of his crafts:
Manta sub: This large Manta sub is usually his submersible/floating base of operations. It’s a larger version of his henchmen’s mini manta subs. It has Excellent control, Excellent speed, Incredible body and Remarkable protection. His ship has amazing ranked sonar, and radar. Its torpedoes do Incredible explosive damage but can pierce amazing body armor and its lasers can do Amazing energy damage
Mini-Manta subs: these small manta shaped mini subs have control: excellent, speed: good, protection: good. Each possesses mini torpedoes that do remarkable explosive damage. Its lasers do incredible energy damage. Each possesses Remarkable sonar.
Manta Men: Have the following abilities
Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Good
Psyche Typical

Health 50
Karma 22
Water Breathing: Each “Manta Man” has been surgically implanted with gills by Manta. This allows them to breathe water.


Underwater combat (+1CS), Scuba, Genetics, Electronics, Marine Biology, Medicine, Pilot: Underwater Craft




A professional criminal all his adult life Black Manta has spent years plundering the ocean floor of its valuable contents. In this time, he has assembled a considerable amount of henchmen and bio-engineered mutants he calls Manta men.

Little is known about the man beneath the costume, save that, like most of his henchmen, he is black. “Not that racism is my motive, says Black Manta, but since blacks have been oppressed for so long on the surface, they fight well for the chance to be masters below.

Black Manta has attempted several times to create his own undersea kingdom but has been thwarted by Aquaman. In the course of his Battles with Aquaman he is directly responsible for the death of Aquaman’s son Arthur Curry Jr. thus becoming one of the Sea kin’s greatest foe.

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