Atomic Skull

Joseph Martin

Fighting Good
Agility Incredible
Strength Amazing
Endurance Amazing
Reason Good
Intuition Typical
Psyche Excellent

Health 150
Karma 36
Resources Typical
Popularity -5


Energy Blast: Unearthly energy damage with a 10 area range


Body Armor: Rm protection vs. Physical and Energy


Performer: Actor




After an alien genebomb detonated in Earth’s orbit, tests showed that Joe Martin possessed the meta-gene, which produces superhuman powers in some people. When he was accidentally zapped by a massive energy discharge, Joe awoke to discover that his hair had fallen out and that his strength had increased dramatically.

Attacked by three hoodlums, Joe suffered severe head injuries. Dazed, he began to imagine himself as one of his favorite movie serial heroes, the Atomic Skull.

By the time Superman arrived to investigate, the energy within Joe’s body had rendered his flesh invisible, and he had completely fallen under the delusion that he was the Atomic Skull.

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