Fighting Incredible
Agility Incredible
Strength Monstrous
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Excellent
Intuition Amazing
Psyche Incredible

Health 230
Karma 110
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity 0


Imitation: He has the ability to match the appearance and abilities of any chosen being with Unearthly ability.
Power Duplication: Amazo can duplicate the powers and talents of any being with Shift-Z ability. It can store and utilize the data on up to eight beings in any combination.He has access to the following as standard
True Invulnerability : Amazing
Shape Change: Incredible
Phasing: Incredible
Invisibility: Incredible
True Flight: Incredible
Mind Probe: Remarkable
Sonic Blast: Remarkable
Elongation: Remarkable
Hyper-Speed: Unearthly
Animal Control – Marine life: Amazing
Hyper-Swimming: Remarkable
Water Freedom
Telepathy: Remarkable
Telescopic Vision: Remarkable
Penetration Vision: Remarkable


Amazo can only duplicate powers of the Justice League


Amazo may duplicate talents as well as powers and attributes. Amazo may use up to 6 powers at once.


Dr. T.O. Morrow


Amazo was built by Professor Ivo during the evil scientist’s first run-in with the JLA. Using special “absorbo-cells,” Ivo managed to endow Amazo with the stolen powers of each and every one of the Justice Leaguers, whom Amazo was later programmed to utterly destroy. Amazo was programmed to eliminate the Justice League. Whenever he wakens from his electronic sleep, Amazo automatically reverts to this old programming, hoping to complete his programming. Once awakened, Amazo is completely relentless. He will stop at nothing until he has achieved the complete annihilation of the Justice League and its allies.

After the Justice Leaguers defeated Ivo, Amazo was placed into the trophy room at the old Secret Sanctuary, where he remained for quite some time, silently waiting to be reactivated. Despite all of the League’s intensive security efforts, this has happened on several occasions. The first came when T.O. Morrow resurrected him as part of a plot to eliminate the JLA; later, the Leaguers revived Amazo themselves to help recapture the powers they had lost during their battle with Libra. Amazo tangled with Superman a couple of times; and then came back for a rematch with the new Justice League organized by Aquaman.

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