Fighting Incredible
Agility Amazing
Strength Incredible
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Feeble
Intuition Typical
Psyche Amazing

Health 230
Karma 58
Resources None
Popularity -20


Electric Body: Zzzax has no physical body, but is an electromagnetic contruct of psionic energy, 40ft tall. As such Zzzax has Un protect from physical and kinetic attacks. Anyone touching it automatically takes Unearthly electrical damage. Zzzax has also developed the following power stunts:
Flight: Amazing
Electrical Bolts: Monstrous
Using magnetic force at Monstrous intensity.
Travelling through electrical lines at Unearthly air speed.
Controlling an individual’s body through psionic means. Zzzax must hit his target and must make two Psyche FEAT rolls against the targets own Psyche. First success indicatess possesion whilst the second means that Zzax is in control of the body. Zzzax becomes subject to attacks as per the new body which takes all physical damage. When Zzzax leaves the target must make an Endurance FEAT to avoid incineration.


As a form of electricity Zzzax is subject to the same limitations as normal electrical power.
Zzzax loses 1 health per turn. It must feed on either electrical sources or the electrical energy within the brain, in which case he regains health equal to the target psyche. To drain a victim, Zzzax must make a Fighting FEAT roll and must overcome any resistance to electricity. If successful Zzzax obsorbs the personality of the victim raising his Reason to -1CS than his smartest victim.






Zzzax is a humanoid creature that was formed from electricity by an accident at a Con Ed nuclear power plant. It absorbed the electricity from the brains of a group of humans, and thus gained sentience. A remorseless killer, Zzzax has often come into conflict with the Hulk. Though composed of energy, Zzzax is an intelligent being usually capable of speech and thought.

Although Zzzax has been believed destroyed on several occasions, it inevitably reforms itself. On one occasion, the Hulk’s long-time antagonist General “Thunderbolt” Ross, had his mind transferred into Zzzax’s body; he was able to dominate Zzzax’s mind, though Ross was killed afterwards. (Ross was later returned to life on several occasions.) It was once teamed up with a group of fundamental force-themed villains (Graviton, Quantum and Halflife) in a battle with the West Coast Avengers.

It was recently imprisoned in “The Raft”, a prison for supervillains, where it was freed by the electricity-manipulating Electro.

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