Leader of the Eternals.

Identity: Zuras

Fighting: Monstrous
Agility: Amazing
Strength: Monstrous
Endurance: Unearthly
Reason: Monstrous
Intuition: Monstrous
Psyche: Unearthly

Health: 300
Karma: 250
Resources: Monstrous
Popularity: 25


  • Invulnerability: Zuras has Class 1000 resistance to Heat, Cold, Energy, Electricity, Radiation, Toxins and Disease. He does not age and can still be affected by Stun, Slam and Kill results. Zuras is only affected by a Kill result that would scatter his atoms over a wide area of space.
  • True Flight: Through manipulation of gravitons, Zuras can attain Unearthly air speed
  • Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Amazing ability to manipulate cosmic energies. He has developed the following abilities:
    • Regeneration: Amazing
    • Shoot beams of cosmic energy from his eyes at Unearthly rank power.
    • Illusion Generation: Amazing
    • Telepathy-Receptive: Zuras can read the thoughts of those nearby with Excellent ability.
    • Teleportation: Monstrous


Leadership, Biology, Genetics


Eternals of Earth and Titan, Asgardian Gods, Olympian Gods


Zuras was the first Eternal to form a Uni-Mind, and was chosen by the Eternals to lead them following Kronos’ death. He was mistaken for the Greek god Zeus many times in the past, and ultimately forged a pact with Zeus to keep their people at peace. Zuras aided Ajak in preparing a flight plan for the 3rd Host when they left earth. In 1823, Zuras ordered Ikaris to assume the identity of “Ike Harris” and to prepare for the arrival of the 4th Host. When Kro spread chaos in the 1940s, Zuras sent Makkari to oppose him. At some point, Zuras fought Dromedan, and placed the Neutralizer Helmet over his head, then sealed him below New York City in a crypt. He also forced the Forgotten One into exile, stripped him of his name, and forbid the Eternals from communicating with him. Zuras appears to have been well-travelled, since his quarters in Olympia were decorated with a jukebox, two six-shooters, & battle-axes.

Zuras authorized Thena to resume her battles against the Deviants, and ordered her to battle against Zakka in New York. Zuras also ended the battle with the Hulk Robot by dispersing its energies, and then fought Dromedan again. He also aided Mr. Bradford, a government agent, in studying the Celestials. Zuras allied himself with Odin in his assault on the 4th Host, and formed the Uni-Mind for battle. However, the Uni-Mind was blown apart by the Celestials, and the backlash killed Zuras. Even then, Zuras’ spirit continued to exist within his body, until his body was finally destroyed by freeing Thena from a Brain-Mine. Zuras’ spirit still seems to exist, as it has appeared at times within Olympia.

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