Zala Dane

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Amazing

Health 80
Karma 80
Resources Remarkable
Popularity -10



Magic: Not all of her mystical abilities have been revealed at this time. Her powers seem to be linked to the Savage Land, indicating a sort of specific nature magic. The following skills have been displayed:

Unearthly ability to summon or recreate Garokk the Petrified Man.
Magical bands: She can create Monstrous ability mystic restraints.
Magnetism: Amazing control over a range of ten areas. With the Magnetism powers stolen from her supposed sister, Lorna Dane (a.k.a. Polaris I), Zaladane has exhibited the following Power Stunts:
Inflict up to Amazing damage to mechanical constructs.
Manipulate ferrous objects, Amazing range and strength. This includes metallic heroes, such as Colossus.
Attack a target by levitating and throwing metallic objects with Amazing accuracy, inflicting up to Remarkable damage.
Ensnare an opponent with the metal’s Material Strength damage.
Flight: Excellent air speed. For each person carried, air speed drops by one rank to a minimum of Feeble.
Force Field: Amazing rank force field covering one area. Each additional area decreases the protection -1CS. The force field stops all physical, energy, and psionic attacks.
Energy Control: Incredible control over electricity and gravity by manipulating the magnetic lines of force of the planet. She can inflict Incredible damage to a target at a range of five areas.


Zaladane has used a wide variety of items in the past. They include the following:
The Black Lotus: A plant with a scent that has a Monstrous stunning ability.
Fire Bombs of Remarkable fire damage.
The High Evolutionary’s air car.
Control Speed Body Protection
Excellent Amazing Excellent Good
Pteranodon with the following stats:
Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Feeble
Intuition Feeble
Psyche Feeble

Health 70
Karma 6
Capable of flying at Excellent speeds


Martial Arts D E, Leadership, Occult Lore, Savage Land, Genetics, Devices of ancient races (such as the Atlanteans and the Deviants).


High Evolutionary, Savage Land Mutates


Zaladane claims that she is a sister to Lorna Dane, but her early history (especially how she came to the Savage Land and rose to power) remains unrevealed. Zaladane was the high priestess of the Sun God for the Sun People, and she used her position to incite war among the Savage Land. She was stopped, however, by Garokk the Petrified Man and Ka-zar. Infuriated, Zaladane tried to control Garokk, but an accident caused his death.

Later, she began a conquest of the Savage Land, reanimating Garokk in the body of a different man. As allies, they tried to force peace on the Land by bringing everyone to live in Garokk’s own city. They were stopped by Ka-zar and the X-men, and Zaladane disappeared.

She was next seen as an aide to the High Evolutionary, who restored the Savage Land after its apparent destruction. Alhough a pawn herself, Zaladane tried to use the hi-technology around her to gain more control over the Land. Later, she began her association with the beings called the Savage Land Mutates.

Most recently, Zaladane had captured her sister, Lorna Dane, and she stole her “sister’s” powers. Polaris was soon rescued by the X-men and Ka-zar, but Zaladane remained in power. She subsequently built six towers, each on a nexus of earth’s magnetic field, so that she could absorb all the power for herself, even though it would be catastrophe for everyone else.

SHIELD, Ka-zar, Magento, and Rogue teamed up to stop Zaladane’s plans, and Magneto ultimately killed her by impaling her with multiple spears of metal debris

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