Yellowjacket II

Yellowjacket II, Rita Demara

Identity: Rita Demara

Fighting: Typical
Agility: Good
Strength: Typical
Endurance: Excellent
Reason: Good
Intuition Typical
Psyche Good

Health: 42
Karma: 26
Resources: Typical
Popularity: 0




  • Helmet: The Yellowjacket helmet allows the following powers:
    • Shrinking: The helmet contains ‘Pym Particles’ that permit Incredible size reduction.
    • Insect Communication: Cybernetics within the helmet allow the wearer to communicate and control insects with Remarkable ability
  • Flight: Yellowjacket wears anti-gravity devices in her costume that permit Good flight capabilities.
  • Disruptor Sting: Blasters built into the suit allow Rita to fikre Remarkable disruptors that inflict energy damage. The range of these is restricted to 1 area.


Eletronics, Engineering, Repair/Tinker


Masters of Evil or Avengers


Rita DeMara’s past is largely unrevealed. Her first known activity showed her talent of engineering as she stole a copy of the Yellowjacket suit from the Avengers Mansion via remote control. She clashed with the Wasp when she caught Rita modifying the Yellowjacket costume for herself, and the Wasp defeated her easily when Rita collapsed in hysteria the first time she tried shrinking.

Later, DeMara was freed by members of the Masters of Evil and they all participatied in the successful takeover of the Mansion. When the Masters were finally caught, DeMara was sent back to prison.

She was freed again, this time by former teammate Fixer, who wanted to force his amourous designs on her. Instead, Yellowjacket fled and tried to gain revenge on the Wasp. However, when she followed the recently-dumped-by-Wasp Dane Whitman (the Black Knight,) the Fixer caught up with Yellowjacket, attempting to kill her. Black Knight got involved and Yellowjacket sided with the hero, defeated the Fixer, and left Whitman with possible romantic overtones.

Later, during a brief period of time when no Avengers where active, Yellowjacket was summoned by a call for Avengers reserve members. She banded together with the other reserves to defeat the High Evolutionary’s so-called “Evolutionary War,” although she left the company of the heroes when the crisis was over.

Yellowjacket returned to the Mansion when she thought that the Avengers were killed in the so-called “Infinity War.” She sided with the Guardians of the Galaxy (who returned to our timeline) against Dr. Octopus’ newly formed Masters of Evil. When the Guardians left, Yellowjacket “hitchhiked” the teleportation signal and followed the Guardians back to their timeline and became a staunch member of the team.

In this future, Yellowjacket learned of a dire threat to occur to the Avengers, and she tried to return to her original timeline to warn them, only to be killed by an out-of-control Iron Man.

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