Yellowjacket I

Hank Pym, the original Yellowjacket

Identity: Doctor Henry ‘Hank’ Pym

Fighting: Remarkable
Agility: Good
Strength: Good
Endurance: Remarkable
Reason: Remarkable
Intuition: Good
Psyche: Good

Health: 80
Karma: 50
Resources: Excellent
Popularity: 0


  • Projective Sizing: He can generate a field of “Pym Particles” to alter the size and mass of any inorganic object he touches with Incredible Effect. Intelligent and/or organic targets touched by him can make a Green of better Material Strength FEAT Roll (for robots and animated constructs) or Green or better Psyche FEAT Roll (for humans and other living beings) against his Incredible Power to resist the size altering effects.
  • Size Manipulation-Shrinking: Hank Pym is able to shrink down to insect-size due to his exposure to Pym particles. He is able to control his size-alteration at will with Incredible ability.
  • Size Manipulation-Growth: Hank can grow with Incredible ability, allowing him to grow up to 60 feet tall. At this height, he is +2CS to be hit by all attacks from normal sized characters. As he grows his strength increases, compensating for his increased mass and allowing him to grow to greater and greater heights. At Incredible size increase Hank must make a Red Endurance FEAT every 2 rounds to maintain this size or pass out, after which he loses 1 Endurance rank every hour until death or finds proper medical treatment. If knocked out his size automatically reduces by 1 rank per hour. See the table, below.
Rank Height Bonus to be hit Mass Increase Strength Endurance Body Resistance
Feeble 9 feet +1 CS Good Remarkable Remarkable Typical
Poor 12 feet +1 CS Excellent Incredible Remarkable Good
Typical 18 feet +1 CS Remarkable Incredible Amazing Excellent
Good 24 feet +1 CS Remarkable Amazing Amazing Remarkable
Excellent 36 feet +1 CS Incredible Monstrous Amazing Remarkable
Remarkable 48 feet +2 CS Incredible Monstrous Monstrous Incredible
Incredible 60 feet +2 CS Amazing Unearthly Monstrous Incredible


  • Helmet: The Yellowjacket helmet allows Remarkable ability to command ants and other insects. He can command swarms of insects to attack foes (causing only Poor damage but forcing the opponent to make a green Psyche FEAT to ignore the pesky bugs).
  • Costume: Excellent protection against physical and energy damage
  • Wings: Good airspeed, Gives Yellowjacket Incredible Agility in flight, stats do not change
  • Bio-Electric Sting: Remarkable energy with 1 area range.


Chemistry, Biology, Genetics, Electronics, Physics, Engineering




See Doctor Henry Pym

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