Identity: Adam Summers

Fighting Amazing
Agility Incredible
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Remarkable

Health 160
Karma 70
Resources Poor
Popularity 5

Bio-Physical control – Paralysis: X-Treme has the ability to “ignite” the electrolytes in a person’s bloodstream, causing causing Remarkable intensity pain that ignores body resistances and forcefields, and is capable of causing Amazing rank paralysis.
Telescopic Vision: X-Treme has the Typical ability to see with unusual clarity at a distance. This may be an attribute of the Shi’Ar race.

Claws: He also has cybernetic implants of numerous bladed weapons (Claws), made from Incredible strength matercapable of inflicting Incredible edged damage
Thrown Weapons: He carries an arsenal of seemingly hundreds of small bladed throwing weapons with him at all times capable of inflicting Excellent edged damage.
Blade Armor: Provides Remarkable resistance to physical attacks.

Paralysis only affects targets with open wounds. The person’s blood must be exposed to air in order for the power to work.


Acrobatics: Martial Arts A B C, Military, Thief, Escape Artist, Stealth, Pilot Air Vehicles, Pilot Land Vehicles), Thrown Weapons, Weaponsmaster, Languages (Imperial Shi’Ar, Common Shi’ar)


Captain Marvel III, Phoenix, X-Force


Adam X is the genetically engineered son of Shi’ar Emperor D’ken and an Earth woman (presumably Catherine Summers, unless the Shi’ar made a habit of abducting humans), and therefore is the mysterious third Summers brother referred to by Mr. Sinister. However he was stolen as an infant and raised by rebels opposed to D’ken’s rule until the village he lived in was razed by the Imperial Guard led by his aunt Lilandra.

At some point he ended up on Earth although how this happened is unrevealed – he stated he simply “awoke” on Earth a few months before his first appearance. Since he is the son of Emperor D’Ken he is the rightful Emperor Shi’Ar, so likely someone wanted him out of the way)

He eventually found himself recruited by Martin Henry Strong, a mutant dedicated to finding a cure for mutancy due to his own mutant deformity ; his job was to hunt down and recruit test subjects for the program. However when X-Force exposed Strong as an anti-mutant activist, he left his employ and helped them defeat Strong. Then he set out to discover the truth about his past.

Eventually he was captured by Arcade in Phoenix, Arizona, and forced to fight Shatterstar when Arcade appeared to threaten the life of Shatterstar’s wife Windsong. He and Shatterstar eventually exposed the ruse and Adam got the first clue about his past, a name : Milbury. As he tried to track down this Milbury he encountered Cyclop’s grandfather who he help rescue after his airplane crashed. Later he teamed with Captain Marvel III against Shi’ar agent Eric the Red where he finally learned the truth about his birth. He has given up his search for Milbury, which is a shame – Milbury is one of Mr. Sinister’s common aliases.

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