Dirk Garthwaite

Fighting Amazing
Agility Excellent
Strength Amazing
Endurance Incredible
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Good

Health 160
Karma 22
Resources Typical
Popularity -20


Body Resistance: Excellent protection against physical and energy damage.
Resistances: Excellent vs. Fire, Cold, Heat, and Corrosives. Amazing vs. Toxins and Drugs.


Crowbar: Made of Unearthly Material, it adds +1CS to Wreckers Stregnth. It can be thrown 3 areas, but doesn’t return magically. When struck by lightning, he can transfer some of his power to others.


Blunt and Thrown Weapons, Leadership


Wrecking Crew, Baron Zemo, Masters of Evil IV


Garthwaite’s history is unrevealed, but may yeild an interesting childhood. He was known to be a manual laborer who was fired because he was a loud jerk and a violent bully. He since turned to petty crime, wearing a simple costume, using a crowbar, and calling himself the Wrecker. One such robbery found him in a hotel room rented by Loki, the de-powered god of mischief, who was summoning Karnilla the Norn Queen to regain some power. Garthwaite was trying on Loki’s helmet, was mistaken for Loki, and received the powers intended for him.

The Wrecker then went on a crime spree, and actually bested Thor before being defeated by the Asgardian automaton Destroyer. Later, battling Thor again, Thor temporarily removed the Wrecker’s enhanced abilities with an electical attack. The Wrecker kept track of his crowbar, however, believing his enchantment could be regained through it. Escaping with friends, they formed the Wrecking Crew, each receiving powers. Garthwaite has remained with them ever since.

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