Identity: Simon Williams

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Good
Intuition Typical
Psyche Excellent

Health 225
Karma 36
Resources Good
Popularity 50


Ionic Energy Body: Simon’s body is composed entirely of ionic energy in a solid form. Because of recent changes, Simon can tap ionic energy for a wider variety of powers. Right now, he maintains these listed powers, though more may emerge in the future:

True Invulnerability: Wonder Man’s skin provides Amazing protection from all attacks except psionics.
Invulnerability. Simon is immune to the effects of cold and heat.
Life Support. Wonder Man does not need air, food, or water to survive, and he can survive in a vacuum with no ill effects.
True Flight: Excellent


Business, Engineering, Performing (Acting, Stuntwork).




Simon Williams inherited his father’s industrial munitions plant after his father died and his older brother, Eric, did not want to take over. Although a capable scientist, Simon nevertheless was not a businessman, and the company started to fail. Eric suggested that Simon embezzle money to invest in Eric’s own business, which happened to be illegeal racketeering with Maggia ties. The embezzlement and racketeering was discovered, and Simon went to jail, blaming his downfall on Tony Stark (aka Iron Man.)

Simon was released with help from the original Baron Zemo and his formitive Masters of Evil. Simon agreed to undergo Zemo’s experiment which transformed him into Wonder Man, but was tricked by Zemo into helping him try to destroy the Avengers by pretending to be their ally. Simon decided not to betray his new friends, and seemingly sacrificed himself.

Although only in a death-like coma, Simon was on his way to be buried when he was captured by his brother, now known as the Grim Reaper, who wanted to use the body to bribe the robotic Vision to accept a human body. This didn’t work, although it was revealed that Vision’s mind was based on Simon’s own brain patterns, or engrams. Eric later tried to have Simon’s body resurrected by the voodoo of Black Talon, and it was used as a zombie to attack the Avengers. Simon was defeated, however, and began to regain full consciousness– soon becoming an ally and finally a full-time Avenger.

Afterwards, however, Simon left the Avengers and became a Hollywood stuntman, and eventually, an actor. Soon, he was contacted to join the Avengers West Coast branch, and served with them ever since, along with furthering his acting career and becoming romantically involved with Alex Flores and befriending the people that once made up the group called Crazy 8. During this tenure, Simon revealed his long-time infatuation with his teammate, the Scarlet Witch, only to have his love unrequited since she was not interested in pursuing a relationship.

Later, serving in the Kree-Shi’ar war, Wonder Man was at ground zero of the destructive Nega-bomb. Simon then experienced great fluctuations in his powers and his moods, even creating the Crazy 8 out of his friends and killing and rampaging in Los Angeles. Eventually, the Avengers West Coast branch shut down, and Simon was contacted by Iron Man to join his new team, Force Works. During Force Work’s fist mission, against alien invaders, Simon was killed when intercepting a bomb.

The energies composing Simon’s body were collected, and Simon was able to reassert himself on our plane of existence, due to the magics of the Scarlet Witch. Never fully resurrected, Simon was stuck “in-between” as it were, and was used by his brother, the deceased Grim Reaper, to weaken the borders “between life and death” and rule a newly created Hell on Earth, until he was defeated. The Scarlet Witch was finally able to bodily resurrect Simon by realizing her love for him. Simon, in turn, was able to bodily resurrect his brother, by realizing their love for each other. Simon elected to stay at the Avengers mansion, exploring his relationship with the Scarlet Witch serving alongside the team as a non-member.

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