Wondergirl II

Cassandra “Cassie” Sandsmark

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Incredible
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Typical
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 110
Karma 26
Resources Feeble
Popularity 5


True Flight: Incredible


Golden Lasso: Given to her by Ares, Cassie’s lasso similar to Diana’s. It is made from Unearthly strength material. She is able to entangle a target with Monstrous strength using the lasso. When a target is ensnared, Cassie may cause an Incredible energy pulse through the Lasso.
Bracelets: Wondergirl wears traditional Amazonian bracers. These are made from Amazing material strength and may be used to deflect incoming ranged attacks. She may deflect using the Amazing column


Wondergirl’s main weakness is that with a simple touch from her mother Wondergirl can lose her powers for at least an hour.


Student, Martial Arts A, Weapon Specialist: Bracers


Wonder Woman, Young Justice, Teen Titans, Donna Troy


Cassandra Sandsmark was just an average teenage girl until Wonder Woman entered her life. Since then, she has seen demons, villains, and evil in its vilest form. She has flown, fought Doomsday, and almost been late to a baby-sitting job. And most importantly, she has adopted a new identity, and a zest for righting wrongs.

Cassandra (or “Cassie”) grew up as a only child. Her father died when she was still young, so it has just been her and her mother, Helena (see Helena Sandsmark). Athletically inclined, she is the star pitcher for her girl’s school softball team, and a good student as well. Meeting Wonder Woman had been the highlight of her life at that point. Cassie first experienced the power of flight when Diana allowed her to wear the sandals of Hermes. Difficult to begin with, Cassie quickly picked up on how the sandals worked. When Diana was in pitched battle against the one time killer of Superman, Doomsday, Cassie rushed to Diana’s rescue in an improvised costume and the sandals of Hermes, as well as the Gauntlet of Atlas, which increased her strength and stamina tenfold. Proving to be more of a nuisance then a help, Cassie was quickly knocked out, and nearly killed by a punch from the mutant. But her actions and bravery were enough to get Diana to ask Helena for permission to train Cassie in the ways of the Amazons. Helena, of course, refused. But that didn’t stop Cassandra.

Anxious to prove herself, Cassie stole into Diana’s room and “borrowed” the sandals and gauntlet once more. Listening to her hand held radio, she found out about a warehouse robbery, and arrived on the scene…in time to see a clone of the Medusa’s daughter, Decay flying off. Heading after her, Cassie managed to grab what Decay had stolen from the warehouse…a small box that hummed. Decay explained that her new form needed a constant outside energy source and that is why she needed this gizmo. Fighting the demon, Cassie showed wit and courage, and managed to keep Decay at bay until Diana arrived. Decay, power’s drained, was easily defeated and sent away.

When the Gods of Olympus were trying to decide whether or not to return to Earth, Cassie’s was one of the minds they probed. While on Olympus, she talked to Zeus. Impressed by her courage at approaching him, Zeus granted her her fondest wish, and Cassie now had the super powers she wanted. Now able to help in the fight for justice without the aid of the sandals and gauntlet.

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