Wonder Woman II


Fighting Unearthly
Agility Incredible
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Excellent
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Incredible

Health 315
Karma 90
Resources Good
Popularity 40


True Invulnerability: Diana’s heritage offers her Monstrous protection from blunt attacks. She hasGood protection against other forms of damage.
Hyper Running: Excellent
True Flight: Amazing air speeds.
Enhanced Senses: Excellent level sight, hearing, taste and smell.
Animal Empathy: She has a special rapport with animals and is able to calm and befriend them with Good ability.


Lasso of Truth: Class 1000 material, Monstrous entanglement, if capture, victim must make a Red Psyche FEAT vs. Amazing Mind Probe. The Golden Lasso of Truth made out of an indestructible metal taken from Gaea’s girdle. It is 150 feet long and it’s controlled telekinetically.
Bracelets: Diana’s bracelets were forged by Haephestus and created from Zeus’ aegis, an impenetrable shield from the primordial goat-goddess Amaltheia. It was this goddess who wet-nursed Zeus and provided the binding energy which created Mount Olympus. Diana can use her bracelets to deflect up to 90 points of damage by thrown weapons or bullets
Gauntlet of Atlas: This mighty artifact has the power to increase Diana’s strength to Shift-Y
Tiara: The tiara is golden and has a star engraved on its front. Not evident, but the tiara has other uses than being an ornament; it can also be used as a razor-sharp throwing weapon. Made from Unearthly material capable of inflicting Incredible edged or blunt damage. The tiara also acts as a boomerang.
Amazonian Battle Armor: This armor offers , Unearthly protection against all Physical, Energy and Magic attacks and damge
Sword: Made from a Class 1000 matrerial the sword is capable of inflicting Unearthly damage.
Shield: wonder Woman is able to block up to 200 points of damage iwth this Class 1000 material strength shield although she is still subject to stuns and slams.


Due to Wonder Woman’s origin her powers are tied to the Earth. Consequently, a prolonged time in space starts to diminish her powers. This loss of power affects her strength, invulnerability and Endurance by -1CS per day. As long as Diana remains within the life-giving Gaea-sphere around the Earth, everything is ok. Diana seems also to retain her powers on the godly plane of Olympus.


Leadership, All Martial Arts, Wrestling, Pilot, Weapons Master, Marksman, Weapon Specialist: Lasso of Truth, Weapon Specialist: Bracers, Weapon Specialist: Tiara, First Aid, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Occult Lore, History: Roman and Greek, Psychology, Medicine, Horsemanship, Swimming, Languages Greek, Latin


Themyscira, Hippolyta, Artemis, Troia, Wonder Girl, Helena Sandsmark


Wonder Woman is the child of the Amazon warrior Hippolyta. When the Amazons decided to send a representative into patriarch’s world, they held a contest which Diana won while in disguise. Wearing the same uniform that her mother wore years before as Hippolyta was a member of the JSA, Diana joined the Justice League as Wonder Woman.

Recently, Diana was somehow killed and resurrected by Zeus, king of the Greek gods. Diana gave up her godhood to become mortal once again. Even mortal, Wonder Woman is second only to Superman in power. Where Superman is the ultimate powerhouse, Wonder Woman combines physical strength with weapons knowledge. Wonder Woman is a warrior and has a warrior’s heart. Few people could stand up to her in battle and few would want to.

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