Wonder Woman I

Queen Hippolyta

Fighting Amazing
Agility Incredible
Strength Incredible
Endurance Incredible
Reason Incredible
Intuition Amazing
Psyche Amazing

Health 170
Karma 140
Resources Incredible
Popularity 30


Immortality: Hippolyta has lived for hundreds of years
Enhanced Vision: Good
Hyper-Running: Remarkable


Sword: Material Strength: Unearthly. Capable of inflicting Amazing damage
Shield: Unearthly material
Bracers: The Bracelets are made from Unearthly material and may be used to block projectile and edged attacks of lesser strength
Sandals of Hermes: Wonder Woman gains Amazing airspeed by using these boots.


Animal Handling, Martial Arts: A, B and C, Military, Leadership, Missile weapons, Melee Weapons, History: Roman and Greek, Horsemanship, Swimming, Languages Greek, Latin


Amazons, Justice League, Justice Society, Olympian Gods, Wonder Woman II, Troia, All-Star Squadron


In the year 1200 B.C., the Greek goddess Artemis proposed the creation of a new race of mortals on Earth, females who would set an example to make humanity worship the gods as never before. Despite opposition of the war-god Ares, Artemis and the other goddesses went ahead with their ambitious plan.

Transported by the fleet-footed god Hermes to the underworld called Hades, the goddesses were met by Charon, he who ferries the souls of the dead across the River Styx. There, in the Cavern of Souls, the goddesses stood before the Well of Rebirth, which was also the womb of the earth-mother Gaea, and beheld the swirling lights that were the souls of women whose lives had been cut short by the ignorance of man.

When the female race had been completely reborn, the goddesses appeared before them, and Artemis told them of their great destiny; to lead humanity in the ways of virtue always. To this end, the Amazons were granted wisdom by Athena. Artemis granted them skill in the hunt. Demeter made their fields fruitful. Hestia built them a city, while the goddess Aphrodite granted them the great gift of love. Finally, Artemis designated Hippolyte Queen of all the Amazons.

Though Hippolyte guided the Amazons in the ways of peace, still Mankind was suspicious of a society composed entirely of women. Goaded by a pawn of the conniving Ares, the warrior Heracles led his troops against the Amazon capital Themyscira. Defeated in combat by Hippolyte, Heracles and his troops became the Amazons’ guests, lulling the women-warriors into a false sense of security, then conquering them when their guard was down.

Abused and humiliated by Heracles and his men, the Amazons were freed by Athena, on the condition that the Amazons rededicate themselves to the principle of peace. Forgetting their vow, the Amazons fell upon Heracles men, and savagery beget savagery. The streets of Themyscira ran red with the blood of both man and Amazon.

After defeating Heracles’ troops, with Heracles escaping, the Amazons split into two factions. Antiope took her loyal followers and headed after the demi-god for vengeance, and to retrieve the symbol the goddesses had given Hippolyte and herself, the Golden Girdle of Gaea. Hippolyte and those remaining chose to stay loyal to the goddesses who had given them life. As punishment for their actions, Hippolyte and her subjects were transported to an island in the mid-Atlantic, where they were granted immortality. The island held a terrible price; beneath its lush land lie Dooms Doorway, the mouth into the underworld. The Amazons were charged with guarding the Doorway, and many died doing so. However, the Amazons toiled to build a paradise, and eventually succeeded.

Years later, yearning for the child she had carried in a former life, Hippolyte formed the image of a child from the clay of Paradise Island, and the final female soul remaining in Gaea’s womb possessed the clay figure and gave it life. An ecstatic Hippolyte named her daughter Diana after a brave warrior who had died in battle to save the Amazon Nation.

As Diana grew, so did the Amazons. Being the first child to live on Paradise Island in its three thousand year history, she was a delight, and a learning experience to all, but none more then the Queen. Hippolyteraised her daughter in the steep history of her people. However, as Queen, there were times that she was not always there for Diana. When the Princess had reached maturity, she was ready to leave her island home. And when the gods decreed an Amazon Champion be sent out into “Man’s World”, Diana was only to happy to win that role. Hippolyte, at first, was very much against losing her only child to the outside world that had driven them from its shores. But after much thought, and the realization that it was the will of the gods that her daughter do this, Hippolyte accepted their fates.

Since departing from the shores of Themyscira, Diana has had many adventures, a few of which have even involved the Queen. Most recently, Hippolyte, as a penance for having a hand in her daughter’s death, assumed the role of “Wonder Woman” as her daughter took on the role of a goddess. Fighting along side the heroes of today, and due to her travel to the past, yesterday, Hippolyte was more then capable filling in for her daughter. Now that Diana has returned to Earth and reclaimed her proper place as the Amazon Ambassador, Hippolyte has returned to Themyscira and continues to be a wise and noble Queen.

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