Identity: Takeshi Matsuya

Fighting Typical
Agility Good
Strength Poor
Endurance Excellent
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Good

Health 40
Karma 40
Resources Poor
Popularity 0

Transmutation: Takeshi possesses the mutant ability to transmute metal, plastic, glass, and rubber into any shape or form that he can conceive with Remarkable ability. Anything that Takeshi creates has Remarkable statistics: a gun would do Remarkable Force or Energy damage, a helicopter would have Remarkable Air Speed. Taki cannot create objects out of thin air: he must have something to work with. Normally he uses his own wheelchair for transmutations, but he can alter other objects. The only limitation his transformations have is that energy must be supplied. The battery in his wheelchair only has enough power to provide the equivalent of Typical lifting strength. Other objects will have Strength equal to their own weight. Taki can create generators that refocus energy from other sources, such as the mutant Boom-Boom’s Time Bombs.

Since the events of Inferno, Taki has lost much of his power and now he can only create objects that he can imagine in detail. For instance, he would have to know how to design a computer to create one. This will normally necessitate a Yellow or Red Reason FEAT roll, although simple objects may require either a Green FEAT roll or no roll whatsoever based on the simplicity of the object in question.

Wheelchair: Takeshi lost his family in a car accident early in his life, and in the same instant, lost the ability to walk. He normally moves around in a wheelchair that has Typical ground speed, Good material strength, and Poor control.

Dyslexia: Takeshi suffers from dyslexia, which requires him to make a Yellow or Red Typical FEAT roll to read, and a Feeble Yellow or Red roll to write.


Computers, Electronics, Repair/Tinker, Physics


Artie, Leech, Xfactor


Matsuya lost his family in a car accident early in his life, and in the same instant, lost the ability to walk. He was enrolled in Saint Simons Academy, where he became introverted and resentful but nonetheless began inventing small toys and machinery– and manifested his mutant powers. Shortly thereafter, he met Artie and Leech, other mutants who were enrolling in the same school at the time.

During the disaster known as “Inferno,” Matsuya, Leech, and Artie were captured by demons as ingredients to a magic spell, but were later deemed too old by the demon leader, N’astirh. To prove their worth in order to spare their lives, Matsuya created a huge demonic supercomputer that would allow N’astirh to cast many spells at once. Seeing that N’astirh used this computer to help open a portal to Limbo and overrun New York with demons, Matsuya joined forces with the rest of the young X-terminators to close the portal and defeat the demon leader.

Returning back to school, later, Saint Simmons was attacked by the Alliance of Evil who were pawns of Piecemeal and Harness trying to resurrect Proteus. Matsuya was injured in the skirmish. On another adventure, Wiz Kid, Leech, and Artie were mistaken as aliens when joyriding in a saucer of Matsuya’s design, although the situation was soon resolved. Matsuya later developed a big schoolboy crush on his teacher. When he overhears the teacher’s boyfriend is secretly a mutant-hating bigot and conspiring to kill the mutants of Saint Simmons, Wiz Kid convinces the teacher and was instrumental in the boyfriend’s arrest.

Later, Leech and Artie were taken to the new Massachusetts Academy to be trained a la the young mutants of Generation X. Taki’s subsequent activities reamin to be revealed.

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